Milk and Honey Magazines 36 BFF ideas for the ultimate summer! Have fun, princess!

Girltime Summer List

Summer! Ahhh, the refreshing season of lazy days, sand in our toes, sunkissed skin, and the prime time to make moments unforgettable. Summer’s not over yet, ladies. Labor Day may be around the corner, but we have some business to take care of before September 5th. And by business, we mean: BFF ADVENTURE IDEAS! Even if you can’t check these all off your list, reading them alone is guaranteed warm and fuzzy joy!

☼ Make a dance video just for the two (or 3, 4) of you.

☼ Camp in the backyard (smore’s included!).

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Luxury Real Estate

With its oceanfront estates and cliffside mansions, Los Angeles is home to some of the most desirable real estate in the world – and Cindee Hallinan gets to see (and sell) it all firsthand. As a successful Santa Monica real estate agent, Cindee understands California living inside out. And with her movie-star smile, ambitious spirit, and creative intuition, she is a shining light in the competitive real estate world.

Milk and Honey Magazine encourages readers to choose a missional word to serve as their focus for the year. Restore, peace, joy, gentleness; anything that points to Jesus Christ!

A Missional Word

Restore. What does that word stir up in you? For my husband and me, it was the missional word for our home last year. Yep, you heard right- we had a mission in the first year of marriage. During the first month of marriage, my husband and I realized our mutual desire to serve people through the gift of our home. I am the visionary out of the two of us—others may call this the idealistic dreamer. I had this revelation of a word that could represent the guiding focus of our home; this word was restore. I excitedly spewed out the idea to my husband.

Milk and Honey Magazine wants you to walk away from fear and jump into the life Jesus has for you!

Walking Away From Fear

The day I walked away from my biggest fear was the day I found myself again. Often, we as women get caught up in the fear of designated comfort zones. I many times have found myself in the position of not wanting to walk away from tenured relationships, friendships, or problems that no longer served purpose in my life. As hard as this may be for us, the benefits of stepping away are much more rewarding!

Milk and Honey Magazine dishes on how to be single the right way! Focus on Jesus, take fun adventures, and live with no pressure, princess!

How to (Really) Be Single

According to society, there are two types of single people.

Loner Laura: this girl lives a cursed existence as a hopeless romantic with no romantic prospects. She spends her days pining over unattainable men and crying over Nicholas Sparks movies by herself. When guys ask Laura out, her eagerness overwhelms them and often drives them away. Her desperation prevents her from evaluating if a guy is even right for her; she simply wants love and attention.

Sorority Faith

If I weren’t a Christian, I would’ve dropped my sorority a long time ago.

It may have happened towards the beginning of freshman year, when I was paired with a big who I didn’t really know. Maybe I would’ve quit my second semester, when I realized that my pledge sisters weren’t inviting me to parties because I didn’t drink. Or perhaps junior year, when I struggled through formal recruitment after studying abroad, I would’ve decided it wasn’t worth it anymore.

Milk and Honey Magazine thinks failure is okay!

You Need to Fail

"I think it's important you have a good failure when you're young." - Walt Disney

Milk and Honey Magazine compares young women to beautiful, blooming flowers.

Just Bloom, Babydoll

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” - Zen Shin

Milk & Honey Magazine's life tips on bettering every day!

Turn Your Day Around!

Life is difficult. How we handle the difficulty, however, is what sets us apart as Christians! The apostle Paul was the perfect example; when he was locked up in jail, he decided to sing songs of praise instead of worrying. God broke off the chains, opened the gates, and Paul was free!

Like Paul, we can keep our heads up during tough seasons and remember God will never leave or forsake us. A better life in Heaven is around the corner; God will surely get us there safely.

Milk and Honey Magazine - you are capable of being your own person, lovely girl. God has a plan!

Yes - You're Capable

Flashback four years ago. My dear Alpha Phi sorority sister and I were in Calabasas, California enjoying a yummy dinner at Le Pain Quotidien, a magical little cafe accompanied by flickering candles, warm bread, and the occasional celebrity sitting next to you on the (very French) community tables.