Milk and Honey Magazine interviews red carpet news anchor on her faith in Jesus and her life!

Life of a Reporter

M&H Staff

Malibu news anchor and red carpet regular, Shayla Girardin is one of the most composed, naturally-gifted speakers in Hollywood's young news crowd. Her speaking skills, poise, and ease in front of the camera is a strong force that's not easily overlooked.

Having interviewed Lucy Hale, Hilary Swank, and Jesse McCartney, you wouldn't expect Shayla to be as down-to-Earth, or radiant, rather, as she is. She has a pure heart with an eye for helping others instead of herself. She's one of those girls other women naturally like to be around. She's easy to talk to and personable in a way that shines majestically.

Shayla is a Christian and is not ashamed to give God glory. Shayla is a powerful role model with a future as bright as her smile.

Let's get to know Shayla!

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews red carpet news anchor on her faith in Jesus and her life!

☼ How would you describe your faith in God?

My faith has completely shaped who I am today. My relationship with Christ has brought me through some difficult challenges and is something I am continuously striving to improve upon. I was blessed to grow up in a strong Christian household with a wonderful family. Although, my parent’s employment opportunities caused us to move often, we always were involved with a strong church community. These positive experiences played a large role in my relationship with Christ.

☼ Events that forced you to trust in God?

My sophomore year of high school my father passed away from stage four-colon cancer. He had been diagnosed almost a year before. This was a devastating loss for both me and my family. His death really challenged me to trust in God. Not only did I grow in my faith, but I learned that it’s possible to have joy regardless of the situation. Even in the midst of trials, God gives us the strength to be joyful despite our pain.

☼ Has attending a Christian University increased your faith?

Attending Pepperdine has had a huge impact on my faith. Pepperdine’s Christian mission and focus on finding our vocation has not only challenged me to grow in my faith but allowed me to discover my passion for journalism. I have been able to learn a great deal academically and all from a Christian perspective. Living on my own in a college atmosphere and gaining greater independence has also challenged me to rely more on Christ.

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews red carpet news anchor on her faith in Jesus and her life!

☼ How do you stay so composed interviewing?

It’s a work in progress! Working as a red carpet reporter has been a great opportunity and has taught me a lot about staying composed under pressure. On the carpet, getting a good interview means everything, so it can be disappointing if an interview doesn’t go as planned. I still have a lot to learn but I’m really enjoying the process. I always try to arrive prepared and focus on my questions. Many celebrities turn out to be really  cool which makes for a super fun interview!

☼ Role model?

I couldn’t pick just one! ☺ All around my greatest role model is my mother. She’s taught me that it really is possible to have it all: career, family, beauty and brains. Although she came from a dysfunctional home, she made the choice to accept Christ in high school and went on to become a nuclear engineer. She was the first one in her family to graduate college and soon after married my father. She’s been a terrific mom and wife while working full time (and she still has time to stay fit!). She cared for my father during his illness and supported my sister and I after he passed away. I consider it an honor to call her my mother and aspire to be at least half the women she is.

Professionally, my role model is Maria Menounos. Maria is a host for E! news and the former host of Extra. She is also a NY Times best selling author. Her success is a testament to her strong work ethic and talent in the field of journalism. She is an amazing journalist and someone who I look up to.