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Milk and Honey Magazine explains why creativity  is crucial for young women to discover their passions, unwind, and enjoy life! Painting, singing, dancing, writing... find your creative outlet, dear princess!
12 Feb, 2017
Creative outlets are king. They help build relationships, learn more about who we are, and connects us to others in...
Milk and Honey Magazine explains to young women that they are ENOUGH. They are worthy and beautiful int he eyes of Jesus Christ. Trust in your beauty, capabilities, and passions!
09 Feb, 2017
Precious girl, I see you and I’m with you. You love hard and give generously. You dream big and serve well....
Milk and honey Magazine - You are not your body, sweetie. You are so much more! A lovely, grand, fabulous woman of God!
08 Feb, 2017
There is something the world is keeping hidden from you; a well-worn secret. They dress it up and flash it in front of...
Milk and Honey Magazine explains to young women why singleness is a gift! God just hasn't brought your Mr. Right yet, lovely girl. Trust in Jesus and HAVE SOME FUN with your girlfriends!
06 Feb, 2017
I complain all the time about being single. How lonely it is, how annoying it is to not have a dance partner, how sad...
Milk and Honey Magazine was lucky enough to catch up with the gorgeous Nicole Weider, former Maxim and Victorias Secret model, on faith, fashion, fitness, and family. (the 4 gal essentials!)
02 Feb, 2017
Former Victorias Secret and Maxim model Nicole Weider traded in her lifestyle in the modeling world...
Milk and Honey Magazine interview with former 700 Club host Kristi Watts, author of new Christian book Talk Yourself Happy! The book discusses faith, hope, and love through Christ!
30 Jan, 2017
After you’ve been beaten down personally, professionally, and emotionally, how do you bounce back? That’s the question...
Milk and Honey Magazine explains the power of affirmations. Biblically, encouragement can be such a beautiful, uplifting practice. Encourage your girlfriends today, lovely princess!
27 Jan, 2017
I was first exposed to the power of affirmations from my sister, Mary. I was a freshman in high school and terrified...
Milk and Honey Magazine describes how "almost relationships" almost always end badly. Wait for a man who pursues you, darling, just as Jesus Christ pursued the church. You are worthy, beautiful girl.
26 Jan, 2017
“Almost relationships” can hurt just as bad when they end as real ones. The last few months I’ve been reading blog...
Milk and Honey Magazine advice for young women to forgive. Trust in Jesus, beautiful princess!
23 Jan, 2017
Forgiveness takes a lot of inner strength. You have to put aside your anger and punishing thoughts and try to...