Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Anonymous Urbanica clothing brand founder on faith and life.

Anonymous Urbanica

M&H Staff

Santa Monica's Jake Howell is not your ordinary twenty-something California boy. Sure, he's tall, tan, and likes to surf, but the Philly-native has got quite the story to tell.

Jake has always found himself interested in high-end clothing, so he decided to step into the unknown and launch his own company: Anonymous UrbanicaThe clothing brand has a much higher purpose than just personal gain, however. Anonymous plans to give significant proceeds to Remember the Poor, a nonprofit in Kenya.

M&H was thrilled to interview Howell on his clothing launch, his background, and his faith.

We present to you, Jake Howell.

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Anonymous Urbanica clothing brand founder on faith and life.

☼ Tell us about yourself!

I’m originally from a small suburb outside of Philly called King of Prussia but I moved out to LA in 2010 for college. I studied Advertising and Marketing at Pepperdine University and am currently working in Digital Media and Marketing here in LA.

A few of my favorite activates include surfing, practicing yoga and reading. I love designing and building things and I appreciate the simple things in life. A fun fact about me is that my first pet was a Pigmy goat, her name was Jenny and she was a real gem. I believe that life is an exciting adventure and I’m excited to be along for the ride.

☼ Tell us more about Anonymous.

I appreciate and love fashion, clean design, and high quality clothing. These interests combined with my entrepreneur spirit commissioned me to start of Anonymous.

Anonymous Urbanica is a simple clothing brand that I’ve created in order to provide the community with comfortable, premium threads while giving back to those in need. In short, it’s a clothing company with a purpose.

With every article of clothing sold, an anonymous donation is made to my mom’s non-profit organization, Remember the Poor, that she runs in Kenya. Upon launching we’ll be giving all profits from the first 50 shirts to Remember the Poor – this money will go directly toward funding a project to bring a solar powered well to the orphanage that Remember the Poor funds and supports.

☼ Inspired by?

I’m largely inspired by my mom and the work that she’s been doing in Kenya. Her vision and heart for the poor has really motivated me to connect my passions and talents as a designer with here mission to bring empowerment, education, and God’s love to the widows and orphans in Kenya.

☼ Five years down the road?

Catching perfect waves somewhere tropical.

☼ Advice for millennials wanting to start a clothing brand?

If you have an idea, bring it to life. The creative process of starting a clothing brand is an incredible learning experience and there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your vision through.

1. Have a Plan! I spent about 5 years thinking about starting a clothing brand but it wasn’t until I set solid, tangible goals (I wrote them out and posted them above my desk) that I was able to turn my ideas into material. Have a goal, and set up a strategic plan that will lead you help you achieve your goal.

2. Create something that You Love! Go with your gut, be original and you’ll love what you come up with. We all have the ability to come up with something completely unique and beautiful – make sure that you’re paving your own creative path and that you love what you’re making.

3. Have fun! Creating a clothing company can be time consuming and a little stressful at times but it should be fun and exciting. Things don’t always go as planned but it’s so important to keep a positive attitude and have a good time.

☼ Favorite book/movie?

Book: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. Movie: The Life Aquatic by Wes Anderson 

☼ Faith?

I’m a believer and I’d say that faith plays an important role in my life. I try to live my life in a way that’s glorifying to God and I believe that we can really thrive and live enriched lives when we’re close to Him.

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