Milk and Honey magazine interview with beauty consultant Amber on life in Los Angeles, makeup, and blogging!

Beauty Vlogging 101

M&H Staff

LA's famous fashion vlogger and notorious instagram-er Amber Scholl is no stranger to insider beauty secrets. With a massive social media following and her savvy, sharp make-up tips, Scholl is an obvious go-to beauty extraordinaire. With a whimsical outlook on life and a jeweled life resume to back it up (she was a big-time winner on the Price is Right, after all), Scholl lives by her favorite quote to a tee: life should be fun.

Milk & Honey Magazine had the dear pleasure to get Scholl's insight on Hollywood style, fashion suggestions, and trends!

Milk and Honey magazine interview with beauty consultant Amber on life in Los Angeles, makeup, and blogging!

Have you always been interested in fashion?

YES! I always loved dressing up as a kid - you could catch me in my mom’s robes and high heels wearing jewelry stolen out of her special box as soon as I could walk (I still steal her stuff now sometimes, but don’t tell her that! lol)

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is definitely a specific aesthetic! It’s a lot of tight, a lot of plunging necklines, and a lot of faux fur lol. But I think most of all, it’s over the top! I like to think of it as Kardashian-meets-Carrie Bradshaw. After all, fashion is meant to be fun, so I’ll wear a full fur coat and diamonds to Trader Joes if I feel like it!

What is your favorite makeup line?

That’s such a hard question! I honestly use almost all of them - Sephora is literally Disneyland to me. I’ve got say though, I just started wearing Make-up Forever foundation and I am OBSESSED with it!

Do you have a favorite beauty product?

Again, I have so many! But if there’s one thing I can’t live without its "Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs." Which sounds bizarre, but it’s actually a body make-up that celebrities use on the red carpet to give their skin that sparkly glow. I swear the first time I tried it I stared at my legs for hours admiring their bronzy shimmer lol. Now I never leave the house without it!

Milk and Honey magazine interview with beauty consultant Amber on life in Los Angeles, makeup, and blogging!

What are some of your purse essentials?

I always keep a spare nude lip pencil in my purse because it's an easy way to glam up any look if your on the go & need a quick touch up! I also always have chapstick & oil blotting makeup brush, because I cannot stand having shiny skin and crusty lips lol. Sometimes I’ll accidentally forget my credit cards, but I never forget these 3 things!

Where is your favorite place to shop in LA?

THE FASHION DISTRICT! I just made a whole tour video of the place I love it so much. It’s like a giant market of unique, cheap clothing and I am absolutely obsessed with it. It’s also shoe and jewelry heaven!!! It’s not glamorous by any means, but f you’re ever in downtown LA you have to check it out, it’s totally worth the adventure!

What are some of your long-term goals?

I have a lot of big dreams for myself, but most of all, I really just want to be happy. I know that sounds cliche, but I’ve spent my whole life dreaming of everything I’m doing now and I just want to be able to enjoy every second of it. Someday I really want to write a book, so that’s something I’m working on. I’d also love to transition into television when I’m a little older, perhaps be a panelist on a talk show of some sort. My ultimate dream is to be able to share my life with the world on a large enough scale that I can truly make a difference in people’s everyday life, as many of the people I love to follow have changed mine.

Do you have a life quote you live by?

Yes, and this sounds silly, but the movie Life Size (the classic cinematographic masterpiece starring Tyra Banks and Linsey Lohan) is where my biggest piece of life advice ever came from.

"Life should be fun, that’s it.”

I heard Barbie Tyra say it once and I’ve never forgotten it! It's just so true - life is short and we should have the most fun we can while we’re here. Eat good food, do rad things, and pursue what makes your heart the happiest! I really truly do believe the ultimate goal of life is to enjoy it, so I live everyday trying to make it as much fun as possible!