Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Harbor and Home, the new Christian band you need to listen to!

Harbor & Home

Paige Weslaski

If you're looking for the next underground, up-and-coming Mumford & Sons, you are in luck. Harbor & Home - a band of twenty-something Christian men with hipster swag and voices that swoon - is your newest go-to. The band, whose roots are in lively Minneapolis, sing relatable, sing-along-in-your-car tunes about travels, love, faith, and growing older.

Harbor & Home is currently on tour, some concerts being open-to-the-public and free of charge. From personal experience, they are very worth seeing. After their set at their Burlington, WI concert last week, I ran directly to their merch table with my wallet and a hunger to meet the guys in person. And let me tell you, their character and gentlemen-esque aura's match their music. They are class-act men with their eyes on Christ.

M&H had the pleasure to chat with lead singer Kaleb Williams (wearing the jacket above). Enjoy and listen now!

Have you always enjoyed singing?

Honestly, singing has always been a huge part of our lives. For me (Kaleb), music has always been heard around my house since I was a little boy. My dad is one of the best whistlers I know, and we would sing songs and hymns around the house. My band and I were in choir at a very young age, where we grew to love singing and harmonizing. Never in a million years, however, did we think we'd be doing it professionally some day. It’s very mind blowing to see the way our lives have been shaped and prepared for our careers in music.

How did you get the idea to start H&H?

For a few years I began leading worship at a church in my hometown. Through that opportunity, I found people that pushed me and stretched me to try things I never had before. In this environment, many of these people encouraged me to try writing music and performing those songs in front of other people. This was a big stretch because I was very stage fright and didn't want to be in front of a group of people doing something like singing - maybe goofing off and not being serious. Out of that, I decided I wanted to start my own band.

Do you write all you own songs? How do you get inspiration?

Our first record was a co-write between myself and our former guitarist. Since then, the last EP was written by me. The band, however, does play an important role in the production of the songs and the evolution of raw ideas into something bigger and better. Honestly, life and relationships are the inspiration for what I write. People that influence me or affect me are the inspirations that I draw from when writing music. Ultimately, writing is a very spiritual thing for me, and I find alot of songs that come out of me are generally rants or prayers to God that I need to get out in either a difficult time or a great one.

How important is faith to you?

Faith is everything for us as a band. It’s the motivation for us to keep doing what we are doing. We never want to be pushy or shove religion down people’s throats, but we do believe in being the best examples and Loving everyone we come in contact with. We want our faith to be evident through our actions and not through just the words that we sing.

How do you prepare for a show?

Preparation for a show is really dependent on what kind of show we are playing. We play sets ranging from 2-6 people with times ranging from 30-75 minutes. We try and play to the strengths of the venue as well as the strengths of our current team. Personally, warming up with vocal warm ups and stretching is how I prepare before I play. Have to stay limber!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

We would love to see God do amazing things through the people we reach and connect with. If we can continue to do what we are doing with music over the next few years and put our focus and drive into furthering our vision, we won’t be disappointed. Our goal, as with anything, is to be able to dream limitlessly and reach farther every day. If in 5 years we have done that every day prior, we've succeeded.

What advice do you have for aspiring musicians?

Work hard. Nothing in this life is free of charge. There is always work to be done and things to get better at. If you think you are owed something in this life, remember you aren’t and all you have is a gift. Use it well.

Who are some of your fav bands/artists?

Needtobreathe, Mumford and Sons, Colony house, Switchfoot, The Head and the Heart, Austin Plaine

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