Milk and Honey magazine interview with Los Angeles based Christian professional photographer!

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Los Angeles based professional photographer Danielle Lynch is not just any ordinary photographer - Danielle is sought after by the most luxurious car designers in the world (currently working as a marketing specialist for Porsche RIGHT OUT OF COLLEGE). For those of you familiar with extremely high-end luxury cars, Danielle has shot directly with the most famous car designer, Henrik Fisker, creator of the Fisker Karma, the Aston Martin, and the BMW Z8. Danielle is a world-class automobile photographer and has a porfolio to put anyone to shame.

Upon first glance, one would assume Danielle belongs in front of the camera, not behind. She is petite, stylish, and almost angelic. Danielle is a focused woman with glorious talent and tremendous drive (no pun intended).

Needless to say, Milk & Honey is ecstatic to interview the ambitious Danielle, collecting her highly anticipated thoughts on professional photography, faith, and life.

Milk and Honey magazine interview with Los Angeles based Christian professional photographer!

How did you get interested in photography?

My interest for photography began when I was in high school and traveled to Europe with my family. I would follow my older sister around and watch her capture the most creative shots with her small, handheld camera. I was fascinated and began to copy her, trying to get my own creative shots. I fell in love with the constant challenge of trying to capture subjects in the most creative ways at any location to which I traveled. Since then my passion for photography has only grown.

How did you decide to start photographing luxury cars?

I started to shoot cars when I began working as a marketing and photography intern for AUTONOTAStv. I had the opportunity to shoot a variety of cars, and soon fell in love with shooting luxury cars. They are incredible fun cars to shoot - shiny, stunning, and mighty. I absolutely love cars - specifically luxury - and aspire to work for a luxury automotive company long-term. I already love photography, and being able to tie it so closely with my other passion - cars - is an incredible opportunity.

What advice do you have for aspiring photographers?

Shoot what you love! There are so many subjects to shoot, and even more opportunities to be creative with each subject. Also, do not compare too much your work with "more professional" work, and instead learn from it and be inspired. We all start somewhere, and it always takes time to develop skills and equipment. But as long as you have the initial creativity and drive, there is nothing keeping your work from reaching the level you want it to reach.

Milk and Honey magazine interview with Los Angeles based Christian professional photographer!

What is the most memorable shoot you have done thus far?

The most memorable shoot I did was with Henrik Fisker, designer of the Fisker Karma, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, and the BMW Z8. I had the opportunity to shoot the development process and finished product of the cars he recently designed - the Destino and the Force 1. I followed the process all the way to the 2016 Detroit Auto Show and was able to shoot the cars on display as they were unveiled to the public.

What are your long term dreams?

My long term dreams include working as a business executive at a luxury automotive company while simultaneously continuing to shoot on the side - primarily luxury cars.

Milk and Honey magazine interview with Los Angeles based Christian professional photographer!

Do you have a specific Bible verse that resonates with you?

I have "Take Heart" tattooed on my arm. This is derived from the verse that says "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world" (John 16:33). I love this verse so much because it reminds me that no matter what challenges I face in this life, Jesus has already overcome them all for my sake, and therefore I have nothing to fear. A lack of fear leaves an immense amount of room for me to embrace my dreams and execute to the fullest the skills which God has allocated to me.

How does faith play a role in your life?

My faith is the reason for my confidence and the reason for my joy. I continually find God closing doors for me just to open other ones - ones that lead to incredible opportunities. I also find joy in the fact that my photography has meaning in that it is able to express the beauty of God's creation artistically to the world. Each photo I take is another snapshot of the beauty that God has created, whether that be nature (landscapes, humans, animals) or a product of man's incredible ability (cars, architecture).