Milk and Honey Magazine knows Jesus Christ has the most WONDERFUL plan for you, pretty girl! Like David and Goliath, Jesus is preparing you for your destiny to promote Him!

Perfectly Prepared ❄

Paige Weslaski

My favorite story of the Bible (of the moment) is the story of David & Goliath. For those of you unfamiliar, let me give you the SparkNotes:

David was the youngest and smallest in his family, always looking up to his older, stronger brothers who worked as soldiers in the army. David worked as a humble shepherd, spending his time doing two things:

  1. writing psalms to God while watching his sheep in the field
  2. keeping his sheep safe from wild animals using his slingshot

One day, David's father ordered him to take some food to his brothers, who were on the front line of battle with the Israelites. Upon arriving to the battlefront, David noticed how the Israelite soldiers (including his brother's) were deathly afraid of the Philistines they were facing. Goliath, who was larger than any man in existence, was taunting and laughing at the Israelites because of their fear.

Instead of giving his brothers the bread and corn and heading home, David decided to take a stand. He didn't like that Goliath was making fun of the Israelites and his God. So, what did he do? He told the Israelites he would fight Goliath.

Rolling their eyes, the Israelites knew David didn't stand a chance. But, handing him armor and a sword, they wished him good luck.

Throwing down the armor, David walked up to Goliath without any protection. All he had in hand was his slingshot and a smooth stone, the very tools he used to kill predators for his sheep.

While Goliath was laughing hysterically at little David, David sprinted without hesitation toward Goliath, hit him straight between the eyes with a stone, and knocked him cold. He then grabbed Goliath's sword and killed him, winning the battle for the Israelites.

Milk and Honey Magazine knows Jesus Christ has the most WONDERFUL plan for you, pretty girl! Like David and Goliath, Jesus is preparing you for your destiny to promote Him!

Quite the story, eh? Now, let's imagine if God had told David a year prior that he would kill a man 3x his size. Imagine if God had said, "Hey, David, just so you know, you will become the greatest warrior in all of Israel!"

If God had done that, it probably would have scared David into thinking he needed to take matters into his own hands. He probably would have spent that year trying to learn how to use a sword, walk in full armor, and protect himself with a shield. David probably would have spent less time watching his flock and more time worrying over how to become a great warrior.

Often in my life, I get frustrated by worrying if I'm in God's perfect will. I wonder how my daily routine could possibly be training me to be the best version of myself tomorrow.

God has a set plan for each of his followers. If you have accepted Jesus into your heart, your life is no longer your own, meaning He is guiding your every move. It's easy to worry our lives are too normal or quiet. But, that's the beauty of God's power: working and living in our jobs and towns is training us, one way or another, for what God's ultimate plan is for our lives.

God can do anything with anyone. That being said, He may be preparing you for something BIG, just like David! He just may not want to tell you for fear you'll try to do things your way instead of His. Even if life seems quiet and monotonous, you are most likely exactly where God wants you, being trained in a specific way for a specific purpose.

David was being trained to be a God-fearing warrior by working as a shepherd. What is He training you for? It could be something bigger than you think.

Be faithful in the little things, and He may entrust you with something glorious, darling girl.