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Milk and Honey Magazine dishes on how much Jesus loves you! His death on the cross proves you're cleansed in the eyes of God, dear girl!

I† Is Finished

In the World War II movie, “Saving Private Ryan”, a rescue mission is executed in the hopes to return a young soldier to his mother after the deaths of all three of his brothers during the Allied Invasion of Normandy. The mission is led by the hard-nosed Captain Miller and seven other men, who must go behind enemy lines to find and evacuate Private Ryan. During the rescue, the Captain is shot in the chest.

Milk and Honey Magazine explains the importance of putting Jesus first in marriage!

Treat Her As You Should

A Key to Un-Hindered Prayers

From the moment a man says “I do” to his bride, jokes abound about how the groom’s future will be solely devoted to fulfilling the wishes of his wife. Even at my own wedding, my sister-in-law had my wife and I perform a demonstration where I put my hand on top of my wife’s followed by my sister-in-law pronouncing to me, “This is the last time you will ever have the upper hand” [cue the wedding guests laughing while men throughout the room mutter “she’s right, so true”].

Milk and Honey Magazine's take on how to handle being tested and stress in a Christ-like way.

Breaking Point

Nobody likes being tested, especially when being pushed to the limit. Yet these moments continually pop up out of nowhere ignoring our mood, energy level, and life status. As if standing in an ocean of discomfort we are continually blasted by these “breaking points.”

While these waves of intense stress or challenge seem unavoidable I have to believe I can avoid crashing at the end, that my ability to stand isn’t dictated by my circumstances.

Milk and Honey Magazine advice for surviving graduate school. Use these tips to succeed, relax, and have fun!

Graduate School Survival Guide

Graduate school can be an intensely challenging time that tests an individual’s strength, integrity, mental capacity, and work ethic. I want to share a little bit about my grad school experience that may offer some hope and insight into the dark depths of the mid-quarter blues and the insurmountable stress levels that seem to never abate. Despite loving the content, enjoying classes, and desiring to do well, the daily grind of grad school can still permeate those positive qualities.