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Milk and Honey Magazine explains how God's presence can aid grief of losing a loved one. Draw close to family, friends, and Jesus!
21 Mar, 2017
A day after my 21st birthday, my darkest nightmare came to life. My mother, Sue Elmblad, was diagnosed with stage IV...
Milk and Honey Magazine's take on unleashing your creative outlet for the glory of God! Enjoy life, sweet girl. You were made to SHINE! xo
17 Mar, 2017
Mondays… am I right? It seems that as we get older, many of us fall into the never-...
Milk and Honey Magazine gives advice on how to encourage your girlfriends, remove gossip from your life, and invite new friends to join on adventures! Let's be loving daughters of Jesus Christ, babe.
15 Mar, 2017
Ahhh…it seems like just yesterday that I was rackin’ up my mom’s credit card debt at Target, buyin’ binders, ramen...
Milk and Honey Magazine explains how as women, we are MORE than just our resumé! There's nothing wrong with switching our careers, being patient and kind, and sticking to our morals!
13 Mar, 2017
I am soon approaching my one year mark of graduation with already two jobs under my belt, and I do not feel...
Milk and Honey Magazine author interview with the writer or Twenty Two, a faith based encouragement guide for millennial women. 5 stars!
11 Mar, 2017
The 21st century is a wonderful and complicated time to be a young woman. From access to higher education and advances...
Milk and Honey Magazine advice to overcome an eating disorder knowing Jesus Christ loves you just because you're His daughter!!!
08 Mar, 2017
I was thirteen years old when I learned what a calorie was. I was always a slender child,...
Milk and Honey Magazine explains how to overcome abusive relationships with faith in God. Marina shares how God has helped her rebuild her life and enjoy life again! What a beautiful role model inside and out! Marina is a kick-butt woman of faith and confidence!!!
06 Mar, 2017
A lot of the strength I find in myself today came from the person who, at one time, took all my strength away. We...
Milk and Honey Magazine recipe for honey goat cheese pizza! Delicious, homemade, and so fun to cook!
04 Mar, 2017
I am so excited to be able to share this recipe! I had the pleasure of meeting the M&H founder, Paige, at a...
Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Jessica Michael about overcoming a heartache. Jessica realized that although a relationship was ended, she had a strong relationship with Jesus all along!
02 Mar, 2017
A few months ago the boy who I thought was my happily ever after broke up with me. It hit me like a left hook in a...