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Mind the Gap

For a long time, it felt like an abstract idea. As a senior English Major, people would ask about my post-grad plans. My answer was always the same: “I’m going to take a gap year, move back home, apply for law school. I’ll probably get a job at Starbucks or something.”

One year later and here I am: finishing law school apps and working part-time at Peet’s Coffee. Yes, I’m 22 and living at home. Yes, I’m fulfilling the “English major becoming a barista” stereotype. Yes, some of my coworkers are current students at my old high school. Yet when I see my friends move to big cities and work impressive jobs, I don’t envy them. I’m grateful that I allowed myself to take this year off, to indulge in a season of rest instead of charging straight into more academia.

This year I’m drinking lots of coffee—not because I need energy to finish a Brit Lit paper, but because it’s tasty and I want to know what I’m serving to customers. I wear a button at work that says “Treat Yo Self.” It’s a useful tool for getting customers to buy cookies and warm breakfast sandwiches,...Continue Reading