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Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Danica, founder of Kale and Carrot Sticks, on overcoming disordered eating.

I Choose To Be Well

Los Angeles based Danica Frye, the creator of the hit blog Kale and Carrot Sticks (complete with a KILLER insta), is an inspiration for all women. As a business professional working in media, she created her platform to encourage women that they CAN pursue both a career and health at the same time, and that choosing wellness does not have to be complicated or expensive. Below, Danica opens up about her struggle with disordered eating, a hardship most women deal with at some point to some extent. Milk & Honey Magazine was lucky enough to feature Danica's lifechanging story!

I grew up in a home where food was just food. It was nothing to be feared, because it was just food. We ate when we were hungry and we stopped when we were full. Food didn’t have morality attached to it. I ate a decent amount of veggies, and I also ate lots of Kraft macaroni and cheese. One of my favorite traditions during middle and high school was to get a huge chocolate chip cookie from Whole Foods with my Nana every Monday after Irish dance class....Continue Reading