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Milk and Honey Magazine explains how wives can build up their husband by encouraging him, laughing with him, and praying with him!

Build Up Your Husband

I recently read (and shared with my husband) an article titled 10 Ways to Reset Your Wife. Both my husband and I appreciated the content of the article but I felt that it deserved a rebuttal of sorts! So here it is, my 10 Ways to Reset Your Husband:

1. Make a list of his favorite things

Men, like women, appreciate it when the things they enjoy are remembered by their spouse! I am a big gift giver (it drives my poor husband crazy over the holidays). But I keep a running list of things he has mentioned throughout the year that he likes or enjoyed so that I can consider those options for the holidays, his birthday or just because presents. For example, my husband is a local beer lover and we missed a beer festival so I went to get him some nice local beer as a surprise. It doesn’t take much for someone to feel appreciated and remembered!

2. Pay attention to what he does when you are out of the house

What does your husband do when you have girl night or are away on a trip? Mine plays League...Continue Reading