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Milk and Honey Magazine explains how God's presence can aid grief of losing a loved one. Draw close to family, friends, and Jesus!

The Lord's Prayer

A day after my 21st birthday, my darkest nightmare came to life. My mother, Sue Elmblad, was diagnosed with stage IV angiosarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer. I was depressed and hopeless and unsure of where to turn for help. I was just beginning my senior year of college and believed I needed to drop out, at least for the semester. However, my mother encouraged me to stay in school. She said she would be at my graduation in the spring, whether physically or in spirit.

After my mother was diagnosed, she spent a couple of days at home and then went to Froedtert Medical Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to begin treatment. She was in the hospital for a little less than three weeks. During that time, I would travel up to Milwaukee on an almost every day basis when I was finished with my classes. Milwaukee is a little less than an hour away from my home in Kenosha. Sometimes I would go by myself. Other days I would travel with my dad, sisters, or my boyfriend.

My mom had good days and bad days while in the hospital. I always knew she was having a...Continue Reading