Milk and Honey Magazine gives the details on how to survive a juice cleanse!

The Juicy Deets

Olivia Losoya

Ladies and gentlemen, I have survived ...a juice cleanse, that is. I feel like a juice cleanse is so typical for all of you LA natives, but for my readers elsewhere who are curious about juice cleanses, I’m here to give you some info. There are TONS of companies out there who offer cleanses. I really enjoy BluePrint and Suja. This time I decided to try Pressed Juicery.

At Pressed, you can choose however many days of cleanse juices you would like. I chose to do a two-day cleanse because I planned on boxing today and I definitely need to be eating on days that I workout that hard. You also have a choice between Cleanse 1, 2, 3 or completely designing your own cleanse. I chose Cleanse 2 which is a good balance between green & citrus juices. I LOVE green juice lately. I drink Suja Noon Greens nearly every day. Each cleanse comes with 8 drinks per day, AND they’re labeled to let you know when you should drink each one.

Milk and Honey Magazine gives the details on how to survive a juice cleanse!

Here are a few of things I learned while on this cleanse:

They are not for the weak willed… SERIOUSLY THOUGH. Being able to stick to a juice cleanse takes some serious will power. It’s honestly so incredibly challenging sometimes. Especially when one of your classmates walks in with a fresh burger… I don’t eat meat, but when you’re not eating any solid food you will stoop. However, instead of eating food, I forced myself to focus on getting things done in order to keep myself occupied. Which was extremely satisfying.

Juice cleansing actually requires some planning. I didn’t really think too far in advance about when I was doing it. I kind of just woke up one day and felt compelled to start one. Take note of your schedule for the days you plan on doing it. I unfortunately decided to do mine on the two days that I’m away from home for 12 hours straight. If that’s kind of how your life is every day then my advice would be to figure out a way to take your juices with you AND keep them cold.

DRINK WATER. You may forget because you’ve literally been drinking liquid all day, but it’s SUPER important that you remember to drink water.

Milk and Honey Magazine gives the details on how to survive a juice cleanse!

Here’s my list of FAQs:

Is it hard? – YES. It’s a challenge. But it’s so satisfying to actually complete.
Are you actually full? – Absolutely! Liquids are SUPER filling. Especially when you’re drinking them non-stop.
Did you lose weight? – Probably. But a.) I don’t weigh myself, EVER. I don’t think the scale is an accurate representation of your health. I haven’t been weighed in almost 3 years… b.) Losing weight was not my motive and it shouldn’t be yours c.) If I have it’s most likely water weight and I will most likely gain that back.
Do they taste good? – See, now that’s a tricky question. I personally enjoy juices that taste healthy and earthy, which I know is not the same for a lot of people out there. That’s why you can choose between different cleanses. Cleanse 1 was made for beginners because it incorporates more fruits to add sweetness.
What are the real benefits of a juice cleanse? – I agree with some people that argue that your body cleanses itself naturally and that you don’t need a juice cleanse to detox. But I believe that a juice cleanse will boost and/or enhance your body’s natural cleansing. It gave me a clear mind, my stomach shrunk, and I don’t crave any type of sugar or processed foods.

Bottom line, I would recommend this to anyone who is just looking to reboot, or even start, their healthy living.

Off to eat everything in my kitchen!

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