Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with Miss Arizona USA on life, faith in Jesus, and and marriage!

Miss Arizona USA Brittany

M&H Staff

Brittany Dawn, recently married to equally accomplished Anthony Kennada, has quite the résumé for being in her mid-twenties. Since being crowned Miss Arizona USA in 2011, she's trailblazed through modeling, showbiz, and hosting, turning everything she touches to gold. As the face of NBC's hit show Grimm, a model for Sherri Hill, and the former host of Arizona's Fashion Week, Brittany finds success everywhere she turns. A natural on the red carpet, she's interviewed Kendall Jenner, Donald Trump, and everyone in between.

Brittany is an it-girl, always runway-fabulous (per her incredible fashion blog) with a smile on her face.

What's her secret, you ask? How does one achieve such prosperity? Brittany's answer:

Keep your family close and God even closer.

As a woman of the faith, Brittany points to Jesus Christ as the real winner, accepting that her success is nothing but a gift from the Lord (and hard work, of course).

Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with Miss Arizona USA on life, faith in Jesus, and and marriage!

How would you describe your faith in God?

If I were to be completely honest, I would have to say that my faith in God is ever-changing, but also constant. Although that’s a complete juxtaposition, I think it relates to just about any human being. My faith in God is ever-changing because it is growing with each small and big challenge that comes my way. When people let me down, I have more clarity of God’s faithfulness to fill the hole that human beings cannot. It is constant because I haven’t been in a place in my life where I have not believed in or had trust in God. That’s something I attribute to my parents and something I learned growing up. Even in the bad times, my faith has been there because you need God in both the good and even more in the bad times. My faith grew tremendously in two situations. First when my brother underwent 12 brain surgeries and the doctors told us he might not make it past the age of 5. I was extremely young when these surgeries were taking place, between the ages of 3-8 years old and although most people think that’s too young for a child to understand faith-it’s definitely not. When you’re young, everything is amplified and children haven’t been tainted by the world and its sin yet. I was seeing God in every large and small miracle that was performed on my brother. From the doctor’s taking risks because they hadn’t seen this type of medical condition before, to my parents covering my brother in prayer, to my brother coding twice and our elementary school stopping their classes to pray for him- only to hear that he “came back” while they were praying.

Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with Miss Arizona USA on life, faith in Jesus, and and marriage!

God shows himself to us constantly, I’ve learned you always find what you’re looking for and sometimes you have to stop asking God where He is and just see He is next to you. I learned that at a young age and am grateful to carry it with me still today. The second time my faith “boomed” was only 11 months ago when I got married to my best friend, Anthony Kennada. Our relationship taught me more than I ever could have imagined! During our pre-marital classes at church (which I highly recommend-so fun!) we went over fundamentals and ventured into to world of what we may encounter. Marriage is so much better than anyone can ever describe. You get to be with your greatest friend 24/7, share memories together and go on adventures together, but you also get to grow in your faith together. That’s a bond that you can’t put a price on. My favorite thing that was emphasized in premarital was the parallel between Christ’s love for the church and how a man and woman are supposed to love each other. We are to love each other unconditionally, but that’s technically a problem because we are human, have flaws and just can’t. Husbands and wives have to choose each day to love each other unconditionally and try to see past the little things that may drive us nuts and accept them for who God created them to be. My faith grew because my husband prays with me, leads me and is always encouraging me to grow spiritually together. I firmly believe the couple that prays together stays together. If you acknowledge your marriage as a covenant between you, your husband and God- the sacred value of your relationship is seen through a Biblical perspective. Like I said, my faith is ever changing, and constant- you just have to see that what you’re looking for is already there.

Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with Miss Arizona USA on life, faith in Jesus, and and marriage!

What does God mean to you?

How to describe what God means to me is one of the hardest questions to answer, but also one of the easiest. The quick answer is that “God  means everything to me,” which He does. The answer I would rather give, that is much harder to explain, would relate to how God is in every single detail of my life. Some people may think it’s crazy, but if I’m running late and have a big opportunity and there is a parking spot in a full lot randomly right in front- I always thank God to help me get there on time. If I am hitting every single red light and get extremely frustrated, but then a mile down the road see an accident happen right before my eyes to the car that made the last green light- I always think God made me late to protect me. In the big details, God blessed me to be born into an amazing family with parents that have been married 32 years, who have been by each others side in thick and thin and have given their passion for God to me. He has been with me when choosing Pepperdine University, where I ended up getting connected to my husband. God is my Yahweh, which is His eternal name, it reminds me that He will be with me at every time of my life-because He is eternal.

Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with Miss Arizona USA on life, faith in Jesus, and and marriage!

Do you have a favorite book of the Bible?

I have always loved reading Esther! Since I was a little girl, crowns, royalty, etc. have always intrigued me. I was crowned Miss Teen America in 2007, and Miss Arizona USA in 2011. Society tends to have a negative perspective of pageant girls, but for me it was my Esther moment. To go before the king, or for me negative society, and pray that God would give me an opportunity for Him to speak through me. I am not perfect, but my goal with the year was to focus on bringing light to Christ and all that He has done for us through the events. Whether it was serving in a children’s hospital or walking a red carpet- you can shine the light of Christ in any arena. The crowns for me constantly represent the crowns that we will receive in Heaven. Every time I put on my crown for an appearance or shoot- I couldn’t stop thinking of what it will be like to lay our crowns at the feet of God. My favorite verse and the verse for my year as Miss Arizona USA was 1 Corinthians 9:25.

Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with Miss Arizona USA on life, faith in Jesus, and and marriage!

How did you trust God to lead to you a Godly marriage?

I think this is a hard topic because in today’s society there is a dual thought process with marriage. Either people think that being promiscuous is perfectly fine bec ause it’s “just for fun” and that marriage is for the boring, or they consistently worry that there is “no one out there” for them. I’ve heard these concerns and mindsets countless times and I can share my personal advice that I think led me to a divine marriage. I think it first of all starts with obedience. God has given us strict instructions on how to live a Godly life- He even sent his SON to show us! Marriage is a holy covenant and it is meant to bring two people together for life. The Bible clearly states that we should be abstinent till marriage and this is because sexual relationships unravel an extremely deep level of emotion that you can’t get back. This is why so many girls or guys get “hung up” on a past relationship where they might have slept together because it is a different level of emotion that was intended to bond together a husband and wife. I speak to groups of young girls on the topic of purity till marriage and for those who might have accepted Christ later in life- the concept of a second virginity. We all make mistakes, but thankfully we have a forgiving God who wants the best for us. I think obedience to God’s word comes back to bless you. Secondly, for those who think “there is no one for me.” You couldn’t be more wrong! Even the Bible says “ God wants  to give you the desires of your heart.” If you’re extremely stressed about being “too old” or “running out of time,” I would pray about it. I think too often on this topic we are thinking about ourselves too much. A good point that I have mentioned to several friends is this: you might be ready for marriage and crying out to God to give you the man of your dreams, but in reality God is busy preparing the man for you- because He wants to give you the best. Stop thinking that God isn’t giving you what you want, He might just be busy working on the other end so that your husband is ready for the incredible person you are when you do get married.

Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with Miss Arizona USA on life, faith in Jesus, and and marriage!

Prayer/reading routine advice?

I am currently reading the One Year Bible. I had a moment last year where I was so mad at myself for not reading the Bible Cover-to-cover yet, so I made that my new years resolution. I also enjoy My Utmost for His Highest that I read in the morning and then I read my One Year Bible in the morning as well! I also have a relaxing read that I have next to my bed for night time called Blessings for the Evenings. It’s light reading, but I think it’s important to wake up your mind with scripture and fill it with God’s promises before you fall asleep.