Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Miss America contestant Paula Kuiper on faith, helping others, and the inside scoop on the pageant world.

Miss Wisconsin, Paula

For almost every young woman in the country, any notion of the Miss America pageant immediately floods the mind with vivid memories of watching the coveted showcase year after year. Messy pigtails, fuzzy pajamas, and the sweet aroma of stovetop popcorn from the kitchen accompany thoughts of the electrifying event. The serendipitous narrowing of women constitutes the spectacle to be as unpredictable as a Superbowl overtime.

Interview of the delightful Bailey Hurley on faith in Christ, love, and the journey of life.

Blogger Bailey Hurley

Have you ever met a woman who immediately inspired you? Where you saw something captivating... a glow from within? Coupled with a contagious spirit? A woman true to herself, exuding charisma galore, capturing a room with her radiance? And most of all, with her heart beaming the joy of Christ?

Cue, blogger Bailey Hurley.

Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with travel enthusiast on faith in Christ and life.

Travelin' the Globe

Calling travel extraordinaire Safeena Padder a "go-getter" is quite the understatement. With 30 countries under her belt and countless more on the horizon, Safeena is highly adept at conquering all kinds of dazzling adventures. With an innate desire to reach deep into the world's pocket of hidden treasure, Safeena has naturally become a gifted photographer and story-teller. As a recent Pepperdine University graduate and current resident of Southern California, Safeena has built an impressive inventory of photos from her travels and (not-so) ordinary life.

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews pageant winner on life, love, and faith.

Mrs. Wisconsin

It's no question that Britani D'Alie is strikingly beautiful. When D'Alie walks (or glides, rather) into a room, eyes tend to linger a while on the tall, gorgeous blonde.

D'Alie was crowned Mrs. Wisconsin 2015, filling her agenda with appearances, parades, banquets, and events. She competed in Mrs. United States in Las Vegas and won the title of second-runner-up against all fifty women.

Milk and Honey magazine interview with Equinox personal trainer on health, fitness, and nutrition!

Equinox PT

Equinox Fitness Clubs are a far cry from your 'Average Joe' gyms. Accompany the Hollywood-elite clientele with state-of-the-art facilities, and you'll find yourself in workout-Disneyland.

Chloé Levray, a Los Angeles Equinox personal trainer, knows her stuff. From her trendy hair to her trim frame, everything about this woman shouts: health, strength, vigor, and control. The posh Chloé Levray was kind enough to give M&H some insider tips and tricks on becoming and staying fit.

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Anonymous Urbanica clothing brand founder on faith and life.

Anonymous Urbanica

Santa Monica's Jake Howell is not your ordinary twenty-something California boy. Sure, he's tall, tan, and likes to surf, but the Philly-native has got quite the story to tell.

Milk & Honey Magazine interviews Christian acai bowl cafe owner on life, faith, and business!

Acai Bowl Cafe Owner

The Palo Alto-based beauty Sarah Lipps is young (mid-twenties!), uber healthy, and incredibly business oriented - having founded the successful health shop Bare Bowls. Sarah is as calm as a cucumber, but don't underestimate her determination. She is motivated, and she gets things done. Well.

Sarah has been interested in health, fitness, and well-being as long as she can remember. It's no wonder, therefore, why her two acai-bowl cafes are not only successful, but thriving.

Milk and Honey paleo diet tips and recipes!

Paleo Tips (& Donuts!)

Grace Runk is a real-life Malibu Barbie. Grace is gorgeous from the inside out - with her name fittingly describing her lovely character. Having grown up minutes away from the paradise of the Malibu beaches, Grace has grown up in the heart of America's fitness capital. With juice shops, raw food cafes, and Whole Foods grocery stores around every SoCal corner, it can be a confusing web to untangle health-wise. Everyone tries to answer the million dollar question: what's the healthiest, best way to feel good and get fit?

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews a real Disney princess about life and faith!

Disney Princess Q&A

It's pretty safe to say (just about) every girly girl has had a dream at one point or another to become a Disney Princess. Cinderella... Belle... Elsa... they're chic and glamorous and alluring in every way possible. From their gowns to their glass slippers to their tiaras to their (charming) grit, they are, well, perfect.

Milk and Honey Magazine catches up with female pilot Kelsey Krause on following your dreams!

Ready for Takeoff?

Kelsey Krause is characterized in one word: polished. The Los Angeles-based pilot radiates a life-tone of elegance and style - and it's no wonder she worked in high-end fashion for years. Kelsey has a calm, yet quietly ambitious spirit that yearned for something greater, something different. The fashion industry was slowly taking a backseat in her life, and she wondered what she was missing.