Milk and Honey magazine interview with beauty consultant Amber on life in Los Angeles, makeup, and blogging!

Talkin' Beauty

Los Angeles based fashion blogger, vlogger, and notorious instagram-er Amber Scholl is no stranger to insider beauty secrets. With a massive social media following and her savvy, sharp make-up tips, Scholl is an obvious go-to beauty extraordinaire. With a whimsical outlook on life and a jeweled life resume to back it up (she was a big-time winner on the Price is Right, after all), Scholl lives by her favorite quote to a tee: life should be fun.

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Oakley, Ralph Lauren, and Roxy fashion designer Lo on fashion trends and ideas!

Fashion Designer Q&A

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”  ― Oscar Wilde

Milk and Honey magazine interview with Los Angeles based Christian professional photographer!

Luxury Photography

Los Angeles based professional photographer Danielle Lynch is not just any ordinary photographer - Danielle is sought after by the most luxurious car designers in the world. For those of you familiar with (extremely) high-end luxury cars, Danielle has shot directly with the most famous car designer, Henrik Fisker, creator of the Fisker Karma, the Aston Martin, and the BMW Z8. Danielle is a world-class automobile photographer and has a porfolio to put anyone to shame.

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Hollywood actress, model, and dancer on how to live for Jesus on the big screen.

LA Model/Actress Taylor

Often, young women in showbiz treat themselves as eye candy or a prop, placing all their marbles in their "beautiful looks" basket, sacrificing their morals, education, or relationships with friends, family, and God.

Taylor Kalupa breaks that stereotype. She is obviously gorgeous, yet that's not all that defines her! In fact, it doesn't even break the surface.

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews red carpet news anchor on her faith in Jesus and her life!

Red Carpet Glam

Malibu news anchor and red carpet regular, Shayla Girardin is one of the most composed, naturally-gifted speakers in Hollywood's young news crowd. Her speaking skills, poise, and ease in front of the camera is a strong force that's not easily overlooked.

Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with Miss Arizona USA on life, faith in Jesus, and and marriage!

Miss Arizona USA Brittany

Brittany Dawn, recently married to equally accomplished Anthony Kennada, has quite the résumé for being in her mid-twenties. Since being crowned Miss Arizona USA in 2011, she's trailblazed through modeling, showbiz, and hosting, turning everything she touches to gold. As the face of NBC's hit show Grimm, a model for Sherri Hill, and the former host of Arizona's Fashion Week, Brittany finds success everywhere she turns. A natural on the red carpet, she's interviewed Kendall Jenner, Donald Trump, and everyone in between.

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews two bachelors on want they want in a wife!

Godly Bachelors

Our staff at M&H often hear women ask: Where are all the nice, dateable guys hiding? Where are the Godly men, the men we want to lead us and our future homes?!

Just because we can't see the resources around us doesn't mean God can't step in and make something magical happen. Even when there's no door to open, God opens the door!

Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with blogger Rachel on life and faith in Jesus!

Simple Silhouette Founder

Meet Rachel Ruth Romanu, aka fashionista wonder-woman. She is the founder of Simple Silhouette, a lifestyle and fashion business that ties in spiritual truths. Ruth's mission is to help every woman realize how beautiful and unique she is inside and out. And I can tell you, as a follower of her platform, she's doing a fabulous job. 

Rachel was kind enough to share a story below about when God shows up at unexpected times. Enjoy!