Christian Smoothie Detox

The Christian Smoothie Fast

In the quest for holistic well-being, aligning the body and spirit is essential. If you're seeking a transformative experience that not only detoxes your body but also brings you closer to your spiritual self, and God, a 7-day all natural smoothies fast, as created by Stephanie Castillo of VitaJug Smoothies, may be the answer you're looking for. This journey is not just about cleansing physically; it's about creating a sacred space within to connect with your inner self and draw closer to a higher power.

Author Kelly Minter describes her new cookbook A Place At The Table to Milk and Honey Magazine, detailing healthy recipes and stories about how community around the table can be Christ-honoring and fruitful!

A Place At The Table

I'm sure we can all agree some of our favorite memories often revolve around soaking up community with our loved ones over inviting, delicious, and nourishing meals. And guess what, darlin'? We've found just the girl who can make those nights even sweeter! Allow us to introduce... bestselling author Kelly Minter! How so, you ask? Through her latest book — A Place At The Table. And today, sweet girl, we're pullin' up a chair at hers!

Milk and Honey Magazine article about healthy eating and living, using healthy, nutritious foods to create recipes that nourish the body!

The Art of Healthy Cooking

God gives us one body to live, breathe, love, laugh, work, pray, and play - and it's up to us what we do with it. In a sense, having our body can be either a gift or curse depending on how we care for it. The foods we eat, the excercise we complete, and the sleep we get can all culminate to either make or break our physical and emotional well-being.

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Danica, founder of Kale and Carrot Sticks, on overcoming disordered eating.

Overcoming Food Obsession

Los Angeles based Danica Frye, the creator of the hit blog Kale and Carrot Sticks (complete with a KILLER insta), is an inspiration for all women. As a business professional working in media, she created her platform to encourage women that they CAN pursue both a career and health at the same time, and that choosing wellness does not have to be complicated or expensive.

Milk and Honey Magazine redefines beauty standards with an interview of blogger/fashionista Natalie in the City on her life in Chicago, her fashion tips and advice, and how to love yourself and God!

Redefining Beauty

Fashion blogging is becoming more and more popular - but it seems many women shy away from the world of expressing their passion for fashion due to fear of judgement and criticism. "I'm not thin/pretty/savvy enough for this, that, or the other," we gals often tell ourselves. Natalie Craig, known for her popular fashion platform Natalie in the City, crushes the stereotype that women must fit a cookie-cutter mold to leave a dent in the fashion world.

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Christian fitness bikini model - Nicki Prpa! Nikki shares her nutrition meal plan, her workouts, her faith, her favorite Bible verses, and how she finds motivation!

✞ Fitness Model

Christian fitness model and mother of two, Nicki Prpa (second from the left) knows how to balance hard work and family time. With her two girls as her #1 priority, she understands that by placing her future in the hands of God, He alone can give her the ambition and courage to push her body past what most think possible. Think it's impractical to keep fit while looking after your kids? With God - all things are more than possible.

Milk & Honey Magazine interviews Christian acai bowl cafe owner on life, faith, and business!

Acai Bowl Cafe Owner

The Palo Alto-based beauty Sarah Lipps is young (mid-twenties!), uber healthy, and incredibly business oriented - having founded the successful health shop Bare Bowls. Sarah is as calm as a cucumber, but don't underestimate her determination. She is motivated, and she gets things done. Well.

Sarah has been interested in health, fitness, and well-being as long as she can remember. It's no wonder, therefore, why her two acai-bowl cafes are not only successful, but thriving.

Milk and Honey Magazine paleo diet tips and recipes! Paleo donuts, paleo bison burger recipe, and paleo lifestyle interview!

Paleo Tips (& Donuts!)

Grace Runk is a real-life Malibu Barbie. Grace is gorgeous from the inside out - with her name fittingly describing her lovely character. Having grown up minutes away from the paradise of the Malibu beaches, Grace has grown up in the heart of America's fitness capital. With juice shops, raw food cafes, and Whole Foods grocery stores around every SoCal corner, it can be a confusing web to untangle health-wise. Everyone tries to answer the million dollar question: what's the healthiest, best way to feel good and get fit?

Milk and Honey Magazine gives the details on how to survive a juice cleanse!

The Juicy Deets

Ladies and gentlemen, I have survived ...a juice cleanse, that is. I feel like juice cleansing is so typical for LA, NY, and Chicago natives (like me), but for those elsewhere who are curious about juice cleanses, I’m here to give you some info. There are TONS of companies out there who offer cleanses, and I really enjoy BluePrint and Suja. This time I decided to try Pressed Juicery!