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Milk and Honey Magazine interview with director of the film The Dating Project!

The Dating Project

Half of America is single. People are frustrated in love, but does anyone really know how to connect in today’s virtual world?

The Dating Project attempts to answer that question. The film, directed by the (incredibly) talented Jonathan Cipiti, follows five single people, ages 18-40, as they search for authentic and meaningful relationships. There is no script. There are no actors. These are real people trying to find love and happiness in an age of swiping left or right.

Milk & Honey was lucky enough to chat with Jon about the film, in theaters everywhere Tuesday, April 17th!

Tell us about The Dating Project!

The Dating Project is a feature documentary that looks at the culture of Dating today. So many people seem to be unsatisfied with the dating landscape so we wanted to take a look at why. We follow 5 subjects: 2 college students at Boston College, a woman in her 20’s in Chicago, a woman in her 30’s in New York City and a man in his 40’s in Santa Monica. In addition to our subjects, we interviewed “change-makers” or experts in fields related to...Continue Reading