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Crate and Cottage blogger and instagramer Rachel Van Kluyve describes the importance of following your passions as a mom and wife and trusting in God - a Milk and Honey Magazine exclusive!

Taking A Time Out

We all have busy lives. People pulling us in all directions. Children, husbands, family, churches and friends all needing us in one way or the other. As women especially, we feel the need to always meet the needs of those around us. It’s in our nature, and while I am thankful for it, it can be exhausting and draining. We seem to forget about ourselves in the process and who we are tends to get buried into the needs of others. The Lord has taught me along my journey the past two years that I am important, and finding time to grow into who He created me to be is crucial to my wellbeing. It is my hope today that I can help you see the importance of leaning into your creativity and finding value in yourself.

My journey into finding my creative self started a little over two years ago. I was a place in my life where I missed being creative. I loved to decorate and craft and get my hands dirty with paint and sawdust, but after having two children and a lot of postpartum, I lost myself. I lost myself to duties and obligations and...Continue Reading