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Milk and Honey Magazine explains how to stand strong as Christian women when life is hard, our ex is dating a new girlfriend, or we get into a fight with our friends or parents!

Every Day Is Beauitiful

Have minds that are alert and fully sober as obedient children. (1 Peter 1:13)

The Christian life calls us to pull up our sleeves by holding firm in our faith, however, this can often be easier said than done. 1 Peter 1 explains we are to be unlike the world; to have a separate lifestyle, separate thoughts, and separate boundaries. We are called to live different, think different, drink different, pray different, party different, enjoy different, worship different, love different, laugh different, study different, read different, listen different. We are expected to be different.

Peter shares we must stay "alert and sober" to keep our eyes exclusively on the Lord, ignoring the luring temptations of society or the foolish camouflage of social media – the "smoke and mirrors," so to speak. The Word explains how we're all Saints on this Earth for God to work through us to spread the message.

And sure, many of us know we're Christians – we believe in Jesus and the Bible, and we attended Sunday School and yada, yada. But, what about those days that we're just not "feeling it?" Those days when we don't love our bodies,...Continue Reading