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Milk and Honey Magazine's article by singer Ginny Owens on how to have faith in God as a blind person, dealing with mean girls in middle school, and how to trust God even when it's hard.

How to Have Hope When Life is Hard

Here in the twenty-first century, we have so many great things in our lives—family, friends, and iPhones, just to name a few. But we live with a lot of stress, too, don’t we? Our lives have been turned upside down by an unprecedented pandemic. Social media captures our attention, but the photos of other people’s seemingly excellent, exciting lives twinge our hearts with a little sadness and longing for what we’re missing. And the harsh words people are willing to write there usher in a black cloud over our day.

So what do we do about it? How do we smile in the face of stress? How do we have power over feelings of hopelessness? I want to share with you how I’m learning to do it, in hopes that my story of overcoming will encourage you in yours.

Like you, I’m so grateful for the great things! I live in New York City, and I love the fast-paced, independent, diverse spirit of this crowded space. I’m thankful for my few great friends I can trust among the millions of people here. And I’m thankful for my phone, and how it helps me navigate from my apartment...Continue Reading