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Milk and Honey Magazine's 5 prayers to pray as a mother when raising your Children in the Christian faith!

Teaching Your Children About God

I remember the weight of responsibility that I felt when the doctor handed me my newborn babies so many years ago. I had suddenly become responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of a tiny human! I had collected so many thoughts over the years about what I wanted to do and didn’t want to do when I became a mom, those quiet, mental, vows that I’d made to myself of things I would never do and ways that I didn’t want my children to ever feel. To a certain extent, I could control some of those things.

When it came to the physical well-being of my children, there was a lot I could do. If they got sick, I took them to the doctor. I gave them medicine. I fed them healthy food and made sure they got plenty of fresh air and exercise. I was careful not to put them in harm’s way.

Emotionally, I also had some control. I worked hard to be a mom that didn’t yell and get angry at my children, and I told them that I love them and that they are precious every chance I got. I was careful...Continue Reading