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Milk and Honey Magazine article about healthy eating and living, using healthy, nutritious foods to create recipes that nourish the body!

The Art of Healthy Cooking

God gives us one body to live, breathe, love, laugh, work, pray, and play - and it's up to us what we do with it. In a sense, having our body can be either a gift or curse depending on how we care for it. The foods we eat, the excercise we complete, and the sleep we get can all culminate to either make or break our physical and emotional well-being. It seems our world is obsessed with extremes: on one end of the spectrum, you see stick-thin models walking down the runway; on the other end, you see fast-food commercials during TV breaks promoting the latest burger packing a days-worth of calories.

Health and food blogger Kendra Perry from Spin & Spice is the perfect medium. Kendra eats very clean, but she does it in a unique way: she finds indulgent meals and transforms them using wholesome, nutritious ingredients.

Grab a green juice and let's have a chatty-chat with the lovely Kendra!

& for fun - click on photos for recipes! xo

Why the name 'spin and spice?' 

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