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The Desert Between Us novel

The Desert Between Us

Have you ever wondered if you could love again after losing someone special?  This is the central question faced by Chase Kincaid in the poignant novel "The Desert Between Us."

Here's a glimpse into Chase's world: a widower at 37, struggling to raise his son and cope with the immense grief of losing his wife, Aimee.  His once-thriving writing career has stalled, mirroring the emptiness he feels.

Enter Sierra Taylor, Chase's son's teacher, who reignites a spark of hope and connection.  As their bond deepens, Chase grapples with a web of emotions – guilt over potentially betraying Aimee's memory, fear of his son's reaction, and the ever-present disapproval of his mother-in-law.

"The Desert Between Us" is a captivating exploration of love, loss, and the courage to open your heart again. Will Chase find solace in a new love, or will he remain lost in the desert of grief? Dive into this heartwarming story to find out! Purchase here!

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