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Your Thoughts Determine Your Joy

I don’t know about you, but I wear my heart on my sleeve. In other words, I am an emotional person. I typically don’t feel anything with little or no emotion—especially the big parts of my life. For example, I love my friends and family SO much that when they are hurting or are going through something hard, I typically will feel what they are feeling. My strong emotions are directly correlated toward my love for all of the amazing people that God has placed into my life. If things are going good for my friends and family, I rejoice with them. If their lives are in the gutter and things are tough, I worry for them and they remain heavy on my heart through prayer.

In general, I would say this emotional personality the Lord has given me also correlates toward the fact that I am a very extroverted person. I am mostly refueled by my interactions with the people that I love. I love to encourage others and build them up, and affirm the gifts that the Lord has given them to use within their individual lives. However, I recently realized that I am not this...Continue Reading