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Hope For Mental Health Pt. II

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Mental illness brings shame, and we think Jesus is ashamed of us too, but He isn’t.

Our minds love to remind us of the past, so when you catch yourself looking back and focusing on your mistakes, instead I challenge you to turn your thinking to what Jesus has already DONE for YOU, rather than what you have done. When we see our scars, they don’t have to remind us of the person who hurt us or the situation we were in that caused that pain. It doesn’t take away the pain of the heart scars; it does is take away the power from the enemy who tries to use our scars against us. Let them remind you of Jesus and how He was there every step of the way, how He rescued you, redeemed those painful moments and transformed your life with His overcoming power. Choose to see His scars that bring life. It’s not about our scars, but HIS.

Now, what do I do when shame creeps in? I speak of Jesus and how He nailed every single thing to the cross. I understand that the grace of God completely covers...Continue Reading