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Harmony Dust, now Harmony Grillo, shares with Milk & Honey Magazine the first chapter of her book Scars & Stilettos detailing the memoir of the human, sex trafficking, and stripping industry. Through her Christian faith and trust in Jesus Christ, she found freedom!

Scars & Stilettos: Breaking Free of Sex Trafficking

89% of women in the sex industry want to leave but see no other means for survival. Harmony, above, was one of them.

At thirteen, after being abandoned by her mother one summer and left to take care of her younger brother, Harmony Dust became susceptible to a relationship that turned out to be toxic, abusive, and ultimately exploitative. She found herself working in a strip club at the age of nineteen. Her boyfriend became her pimp, controlling her every move and taking all of her money. But, ultimately, she discovered a path to freedom and a whole new life, founding an organization called Treasures to provide women a pathway to freedom when they are ready.

Through her work, Harmony comprehensively sheds light on the impact of a pornified culture and the lives of those trapped within it. Harmony wrote Scars & Stilettos, a memoir detailing life as a survivor of sex trafficking. As Sex Trafficking Awareness Day was this week, we want to share a sneak peek of her book. Trust us, you'll want to buy it immediately!

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