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Milk and Honey Magazine - the benefits of mission trips mean much more than just travel. Read about our mission trip tips!

5 Benefits of Missions

God changes our perspective when we dive into “waters” we've not yet seen before, like seeing people in different circumstances, and witnessing different cultures and values. Through these differences, we clearly see how God is very present and loving, no matter where we go! People in other locations have different backgrounds, and the way they see the Lord sometimes looks different than how we see Him. Mission trips grant us insight into people, opportunities, dreams, relationships, and our purpose.

My perspective has changed, time and time again, having been on various mission trips. I realize how blessed and favored I am to live in a country where I, as a woman, have a right to choose my husband, what to study, how many children to have, and so on. Mission trips offer benefits greatly outweighing a simple getaway. Here's what to expect on YOUR future mission trips!

Sharing the Gospel:

On missions, you get to share life, love, truth, and grace to other people whom may not have heard it before or would not have heard it the way you talk about Jesus. Sharing the Gospel is not only life-giving to other people, but also life-giving to you, as you...Continue Reading