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5 Ways To Rock It As a Mom

It's no surprise to know motherhood isn't a walk in the park. As a new mother, you'll experience struggles, breakdowns (likely both you and your child), and moments where you feel utterly helpless, it usually 'comes with the gig.' But the key to a strong platofrm as a mother, in essence, is learning to let go of insecurity and walk boldly in humility.

Kristin Lemus, a mother of seven (1 in heaven) and manager of The Beautiful Deep, has been a mother for over twenty years, so we think she's preeetty qualified to share her tips. Put it this way, this gal is rocking the whole mom thing, and using these tricks, YOU can too, dear mother. So, without further adeui, here are 5 ways to rock it as a mom:


1. Understand That It Is A Season

It’s all a season! I cannot stress this enough. The toughest times come and go, and they are just seasons of life that change and end. I am currently in a season that has me in the car driving different kids to and from rehearsals and practices for 2 hours straight multiple nights a week....Continue Reading