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Milk and Honey Magazine advice for planning a wedding amidst COVID-19 restrictions. Trust God with your wedding plans, sweet bride-to-be!

COVID Wedding Planning

Brides-To-Be: My wedding went off as scheduled, the first time around. I am not going to pretend to understand or know how heart-wrenching it must be to spend so much time and money planning the perfect wedding, just for a pandemic to rip apart those plans and undermine all of that hard work. What I can say is during my wedding planning process, my husband reminded me what the essential part of a marriage was – how it's a commitment that does not change, no matter the circumstances.

After two years of planning and six years of dating, by the time November came around, we were more than ready to say “I do.” Our wedding day was going to be perfect—and I mean perfect! We scheduled every minute from sunup to well past sundown, and there was not a detail overlooked.

In normal circumstances, I am confident sharing how I thrive under pressure and don’t flinch at unexpected obstacles or changes. Still, in the weeks leading up the wedding day, anything that didn’t go exactly as planned was Earth-shattering. Admittedly, I would cry, sometimes in secret, and sometimes in public.

Most notably, about two weeks...Continue Reading