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Are We Changing the Culture?

...or is the culture changing us?

The average woman in the United States lives for about 29,565 days (or, rather, 81 years). I just turned 26 yesterday, so I'm approximately 9,491 days into my life - already about 1/3rd of the way there.

Lucky for you and me, girlfriend, we have a tremendous God who gives us free will to work and play and live how we choose. The one problem with that, though, is many of us have handed the job of "life planner" to the general culture instead of following our hearts. And many of us do it without even realizing.

The world is a big place, but it's interesting how trends can sweep across the nation. A trivial example being how Adidas were very "in" last year, only to be replaced by black vans with the white stripe down the side (and yes, I bought both).

Many of these trends set by culture are not inherently bad; they're fashion statements or slang words or social media platforms or what-have-you. But - likewise - many trends becoming the "norm" are not ideal for women wanting to live in God's perfect plan.

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