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Milk and Honey Magazine advice for twenty-something women getting divorced young. What does Jesus think of divorce? Is divorce okay? Can God forgive my divorce?

Revival After Divorce

As I sit to write this, putting my past life into words has been a healing journey of saying goodbye to the old me. The old me, who I loved, but am more than okay not seeing again. Someone recently asked me if I could do it all again, would I still marry my ex-husband. That question struck me hard because I honestly didn’t know what I would say. If I hadn’t married him, would there be a lot less pain? Would I have done as much healing without myself and him breaking me down so that God could build me up? I probably will never have the answer, but that’s okay. 

When you look at the math, one unhealthy person plus one unhealthy person does not equal a healthy marriage. I would love to say I was the healthy one and it was all him that made it chaotic, but that’s simply not true. I came into the marriage with a lot of baggage from my childhood of physical and mental abuse. I still flinched when people came near my face even when I knew they weren’t going to hit me. I hated hugs as I feared I’d get...Continue Reading