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Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Valerie Elliot, the daughter of Jim Elliot and Elisabeth Elliot, on new book Devotedly, detailing their love story through letters.

The Elliots: True Love

If you are unfamiliar with the story of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot - you have a treat awaiting you! 

The duo, both missionaries in the 1950's, inspired generations through serving in Ecuador with their toddler, Valerie. They had a love story like few others: they put GOD first every step of the way. After a short marriage, Jim was killed by the Ecuador people they were serving, yet Elisabeth stayed in the area with their daughter. Elisabeth's passion for the Gospel opened the eyes of the same people who killed her husband, and many accepted Jesus. Elisabeth went on to publish over a dozen bestselling books, a few of which detailed the God-ordained love story between her and Jim, such as the famed Passion & Purity.

Valerie, the daughter of Jim and Elisabeth, has just released another book, Devotedly, presenting the love letters between the duo leading to their marriage. You'll be sucked in from the moment you begin reading this God-laced, old-fashioned, beautiful story of true love.

Let's get to know Valerie Elliot!

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