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Author Kelly Minter describes her new cookbook A Place At The Table to Milk and Honey Magazine, detailing healthy recipes and stories about how community around the table can be Christ-honoring and fruitful!

A Place At The Table

I'm sure we can all agree some of our favorite memories often revolve around soaking up community with our loved ones over inviting, delicious, and nourishing meals. And guess what, darlin'? We've found just the girl who can make those nights even sweeter! Allow us to introduce... bestselling author Kelly Minter! How so, you ask? Through her latest book — A Place At The Table. And today, sweet girl, we're pullin' up a chair at hers!

Kelly's lifelong love for cooking and gardening (paired with chef Regina Pinto) has resulted in rich spiritual and culinary experiences that will inspire our cooking and gatherings in a fun-loving and Christ-honoring way! For many of us gals, meals are more than just ingredients and décor. Food has historically gathered people together, and in this cookbook, Kelly points readers to just that—opening our tables so others can have a place to experience the love of God and fellowship of His people. After all, some of the most meaningful moments in the Bible were experienced around food.

This cookbook offers a delicious, unfussy selection of both well-known and novel dishes. Featuring fresh, whole or homegrown components, Kelly prioritizes the value of flavors that can only come...Continue Reading