About Paige Wood

Milk and Honey Magazine founder Paige Wood shares about her passion to share Christian truth with teen girls through her podcast and books

Milk and Honey Magazine founder Paige Wood (formerly 'Weslaski') has a heart for young women, especially teens and young adults. Why? When she was a young lady, she didn't know her true worth was in Jesus Christ, instead finding it in boys, her appearance, and an 'act' she kept up to try proving herself to others. Paige gave her heart to Christ at age 19, documenting her testimony in her book Finding Your Prince. Today, Paige lives in Racine, Wisconsin with her husband, Nathan Wood, helping to encourage young ladies through book studies, events, speaking engagements, and writing. Paige is a Pepperdine University graduate with a bachelors in Leadership, having used her skills to formulate content to help teen and young adult girls walk the Christian faith. In her spare time, Paige enjoys swimming (which she does every day, at least a mile!), writing books and articles, and coming up with new (sometimes crazy) ways to pour into young women the way she would have needed encouragement at their age.

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Booking Paige Wood As a Speaker

Paige encourages young women through faith-based speaking at churches, teen youth groups, schools, universities, and organizations. Paige is booking late 2023 and beyond. Paige has spoken to various church groups and retreats around the country. 

Speaking Topics:

  • The Scoop On Purity
  • Christ-Centered Beauty
  • Finding Identity in Christ
  • Combatting Lies of the World
  • Relationships (with special guest, husband Nathan Wood)
  • Becoming A True Friend
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • The Real Deal on Body Image


  • "Having my girls around Paige was a huge blessing. She has such a heart for them, and so much love! I can’t believe how God has been using her." - Mother of a 12-year-old girl
  • "Paige really inspired me... hearing her story and how she points to Jesus has reignited my faith!" - 17-year-old girl


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 Paige Wood Christian teen women's speaker

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