By Men

Milk and Honey Magazine article by and for men: is she the one? How to know when and who to marry! Is she respectful, does she love God, and do you find her beautiful?

Is She The One? (For Guys)

I've always enjoyed freedom.

I've never been comfortable feeling confined or restricted. I have had a lot of priorities in my life that I have devoted my time to, whether that be to work, my studies, my relationship with God, friends, or time with my family.

Milk and Honey Magazine explains the importance of putting Jesus first in marriage!

Treat Her Right (For Men)

From the moment a man says “I do” to his bride, jokes abound about how the groom’s future will be solely devoted to fulfilling the wishes of his wife.

Even at my own wedding, my sister-in-law had my wife and I perform a demonstration where I put my hand on top of my wife’s followed by my sister-in-law pronouncing to me, “This is the last time you will ever have the upper hand” [cue the wedding guests laughing while men throughout the room mutter “she’s right, so true”].