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1 Week, No Social Media

Lydia Petersen

I know, it sounds absolutely terrifying. At least to me it did. Since I was 15, I had not gone a day without social media: Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and of course Facebook. Part of it was because I've moved all over the country and my family and friends are in this state and that. I mean, how else should I keep up with my loved ones?

Yet, that reason alone doesn't explain why I automatically reached for my phone every time I felt bored. It doesn't explain why I had to have it out every place I went. It doesn't explain why I allowed it to take precedence over the people I was physically with. It doesn't explain the constant updating and mindlessly "liking" every photo in my feed

So... why?

I was sitting in a college Sunday class about a week ago, and the topic was idols (if you felt your heart twinge a bit at that word, that's a good thing, keep reading!). Basically, an idol is anything we put above God. What do we seek our joy, security, and FULFILLMENT in? If it's in ANYTHING other than Jesus Christ, it's an idol. Social Media was my idol. 

I came home, swaying from my dose of conviction. God had shown me, taught me, and led me. So, what now? I decided to fast from social media for one week and see what would happen. My prayer was that God would bring me closer to Him and show me more. I yearned (and still yearn) for Him to simply show me what He wanted me to know.

And, y'all... did He ever.

Three things I gleaned from my social media "break"

  • Starting my morning off with Psalms instead of Facebook filled me with a joy and comfort that can only come from God. I have felt more at peace this week than I have in a long time! I had a confidence and strength about me that was rooted in the bread of life. I want to hold onto that.
  • Living in the present of three dimensional people (without a phone) will give you that community you've so sorely been lacking. I have been making new friends, seeking accountability partners, and learning from my mentors. I no longer had that false sense of security from a "love" or "like" on Facebook. I realized just how lonely I actually was and how badly I wanted Godly, friendly people I could actually see and touch.
  • I guarantee that if you dedicate the time you'd normally be scrolling to flipping through pages in the Word, God will reveal a major sin area in your life that you and He need to work on. I won't get into mine, but I will say: not having the ability to hide behind a screen was crucial in the healing process. My Savior redeems, y'all. He takes what is broken, and He makes it new again. Stop running. Start praying.

The only social media app I have access to on my phone now is Instagram. SnapChat is forever obliterated, as for Facebook, and I only plan to allow myself on there for short periods of time a day. If you want to try this out (PLEASE DO IT!) I suggest starting off with deleting all that temptation off your phone. I won't lie, it's not easy to stay disciplined, but every time you are tempted, go to Jesus and spend some time in conversation with Him.

I am in no way saying social media is wrong. My question for you is, where does it stand in your life? Where do YOU find your fulfillment?

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