Milk and Honey Magazine's tips for love language gifts for your husband this Christmas!

25 Love Language Gifts For Your Man

Amy Tackett

Can y’all believe Christmas is just a few days away?! Like, seriously, where did December go? In the midst of all the craziness, I realized the other day I still had no idea what to buy my husband this year. (GASP!) I usually spend weeks browsing Pinterest and thinking of fun, creative gifts, but this year, I’ve been so busy that shopping has honestly been the last thing on my mind.

So, this year, instead of buying traditional gifts, I’ve decided to focus on his love language! Not only is it budget-friendly, but it’s also a fantastic way to honor God throughout the holidays. If this sounds like something your hubby would enjoy, too, then check out these 25 love language gift ideas!

Milk and Honey Magazine's tips for love language gifts for your husband this Christmas!

Acts of Service

1. Create a chores coupon book for him to redeem in the New Year.

2. Do 12 days of random acts of kindness.

3. Go on a date night + do all his favorite #manthings.

4. Show gratitude for all the Acts of Service he does by cooking his favorite meal + dessert!

5. Take one task permanently off his plate, such as doing all the laundry or paying the bills.

Words of Affirmation

1. Write a love letter + stuff it in a new devotional Bible.

2. Give him unexpected compliments.

3. Frame your wedding vows, or have someone hand letter them on canvas.

4. Write a series of “open when” letters.

5. Buy him a book of poetry, + if you’re creative enough, write one of your own and slip it inside.

Quality Time

1. Make a jar of date night ideas to use sporadically throughout the New Year.

2. Take a day trip together.

3. Spend a lazy weekend cuddling + binge watching Harry Potter (or whatever he prefers).

4. Create something together. This can be a meal, house project, or creative concept.

5. Volunteer at a local charity of your spouse’s choosing.


1. Sign your partner up for a monthly subscription. (The gift that keeps on giving!)

2. Treat them to something they’d never buy themselves.

3. Buy tickets for a concert, sporting event, amusement park, or comedy show.

4. Pick out a new wallet and fill it with gift cards.

5. Create a gift basket with all their favorite (practical!) things.

Physical Touch

1. Give him a back massage or neck rub at the end of a long day.

2. Buy a couple’s massage for the two of you at a local spa.

3. Make a conscious effort to be more affectionate. (Yes, even in public!)

4. Create a “five senses” gift basket with an emphasis on touch.

5. Go out dancing together one night.

✛ ✛ ✛

I hope this sparked some creative love language gift ideas for y’all!  I know I personally have a hard time pouring into my husband Seth’s bucket, which is Acts of Service, so I’m hoping this will be a guiding light for our marriage in the New Year. Merry Christmas, y’all!

Milk and Honey Magazine's tips for love language gifts for your husband this Christmas!

Amy Tackett from Honeyteller is a wife, dog-mom, spreader of the Gospel, and blogger.
She's pictured with her husband above. xo
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