Milk and Honey Magazine milestones before age 30 for young women!

30 Milestones Before 30

M&H Staff

There are few things more beautiful than a girl becoming a woman. Throughout our twenties, we are learning, growing, and shaping ourselves into the women we want to be for the rest of our years. Our twenties are the time to build a solid foundation, and it's a chance to discover what we're really made of. We have the ability to surprise ourselves, and by trying to new things, pushing ourselves to the limit, and edging outside of our comfort zone, we evolve. This is the time to grow our foundation. Although time is inevitable, not everyone makes the most of it. Let's not let this precious time slip through our fingers, lovely girl.

Enjoy the Milk & Honey Magazine "30 Milestones Before 30 (!!!)"

Milk and Honey Magazine milestones before age 30 for young women!

✕ Taking a family member on vacation and treating for their flight, hotel, meals.

✕ Giving a beautiful Maid of Honor speech to your best friends wedding (or serving in the bridal party)!

✕ Going on a date with someone you never thought was your type but giving them a fair chance.

✕ Accepting a job you're not sure you're qualified for and potentially moving to a new city/country for it.

✕ Making a major purchase with your own money (car, condo, etc).

✕ Sponsoring a child overseas and planning to someday take a mission trip to their country.

✕ Studying abroad or taking an extensive trip to Europe/Central America.

✕ Finding your signature perfume scent and personal clothing style.

✕ Completely submitting to Jesus and asking Him to guide your love/personal life.

✕ Starting a fashion/faith/cooking/crafting blog or submitting an article to the local newspaper/periodical.

✕ Becoming an expert at something you didn't do as a child (painting, horseback riding, gardening).

✕ Sign up for something you're unsure about (a beauty pageant, half marathon, skydiving).

✕ Join a board of directors for a nonprofit you're passionate about or become a big sister.

✕ Quitting a job for the sole purpose that it doesn't fulfill your desires.

✕ ...& quitting it without "asking" your parents first because you can take care of yourself!

✕ Establishing which voluspa candle is your favorite (we like suede blanc!)

✕ Perfecting the art of thrifting at local shops.

✕ Deciding to go back to get your Masters or taking an online course just because you can.

✕ Spending a holiday with friends instead of family (Friendsgiving!)

✕ Learning to change your own car tire.

✕ Telling someone you love them and meaning it completely.

✕ Taking a solo trip to a city you've always wanted to see.

✕ Discovering which foods don't sit well with you (fried, dairy, sugar).

✕ Learning the ability to say "sorry" and admitting you're wrong.

✕ Breaking up with someone you know isn't the best for you.

✕ Letting go of any toxic friends from your youth.

✕ Learning to stop worrying what exactly you weigh.

✕ Having the ability to cook at least one gourmet meal.

✕ Taking a trip to the US Capital of Washington DC and taking a cheesy picture in front of the White House.

✕ Appreciating something beautiful without posting it on social media.

with love, M&H

oh, and ps - you're stronger than you think, hun