Milk and Honey Magazine milestones before age 30 for young women!

30 Milestones Before 30

M&H Staff

There are few things more beautiful than a girl becoming a woman. Throughout our twenties, we are learning, growing, and shaping ourselves into the women we want to be for the rest of our years. Our twenties are the time to build a solid foundation, and it's a chance to discover what we're really made of. Chances are, we have the ability to surprise ourselves. Enjoy the Milk & Honey Magazine "30 Milestones to Achieve Before 30." You go, girlfriend!

Milk and Honey Magazine milestones before age 30 for young women!

✕ Taking a family member on vacation and treating for their flight, hotel, meals.

✕ Giving a beautiful Maid of Honor speech to your best friends wedding (or serving in the bridal party)!

✕ Going on a date with someone you never thought was your type but giving them a fair chance.

✕ Accepting a job you're not sure you're qualified for and potentially moving to a new city/country for it.

✕ Making a major purchase with your own money (car, condo, etc).

✕ Sponsoring a child overseas and planning to someday take a mission trip to their country.

✕ Studying abroad or taking an extensive trip to Europe/Central America.

✕ Finding your signature perfume scent and personal clothing style.

✕ Completely submitting to Jesus and asking Him to guide your love/personal life.

✕ Starting a fashion/faith/cooking/crafting blog or submitting an article to the local newspaper/periodical.

✕ Becoming an expert at something you didn't do as a child (painting, horseback riding, gardening).

✕ Sign up for something you're unsure about (a beauty pageant, half marathon, skydiving).

✕ Join a board of directors for a nonprofit you're passionate about or become a big sister.

Milk and Honey Magazine milestones before age 30 for young women!

✕ Quitting a job for the sole purpose that it doesn't fulfill your desires.

✕ ...& quitting it without "asking" your parents first because you can take care of yourself!

✕ Establishing which voluspa candle is your favorite (we like suede blanc!)

✕ Perfecting the art of thrifting at local shops.

✕ Deciding to go back to get your Masters or taking an online course just because you can.

✕ Spending a holiday with friends instead of family (Friendsgiving!)

✕ Learning to change your own car tire.

✕ Telling someone you love them and meaning it completely.

✕ Taking a solo trip to a city you've always wanted to see.

✕ Discovering which foods don't sit well with you (fried, dairy, sugar).

✕ Learning the ability to say "sorry" and admitting you're wrong.

✕ Breaking up with someone you know isn't the best for you.

✕ Letting go of any toxic friends from your youth.

✕ Learning to stop worrying what exactly you weigh.

✕ Having the ability to cook at least one gourmet meal.

✕ Taking a trip to the US Capital of Washington DC and taking a cheesy picture in front of the White House.

✕ Appreciating something beautiful without posting it on social media.

Love ya, M&H

PS - you're stronger than you think