31 Ways To Make Him Smile

Lauren Torres

How many of you absolutely swoon and go weak at the knees every time your husband smiles? Well, I do. Not to brag or anything - except I totally am - but Derek was in fact voted best smile in high school. He was also voted best dressed, and while he does have a versatile and head turning sense of style that perfectly flatters his athletic physique - his smile is the best thing he wears. I mean come on, look at him, people!

I can talk to hundreds of people in one day but none of them compare to the smile that you can give me in one minute.

— Unknown.

Whether your hubby has a superlative smile, adult braces, a sweet “here comes the smolder” kind of look, food in his teeth, or even dentures, it’s a wife’s privileged duty to draw out that dashing smile more than anyone else on this planet. I take this job seriously, which is why I’ve compiled a lovely list to share with you!

Because really, what speaks more about the beauty of marriage than when both parties are selflessly loving and serving one another, and making it their vowed goal to create little joys in the day-to-day.

Now, some of these ideas may sound familiar and some will be unique for my Derek, nevertheless, the goal is to get that flash of pearly whites from the man you love most, and my list is 100% guaranteed!

31 Ways to Make Your Husband Smile

  • Leave a little love note in his lunch, hiding on his desk, tucked away in a book he’s reading, on his car dash board, or in the inside of his lap-top.
  • Surprise him with his favorite childhood snack. I sometimes like to fill his lunch bag with several packs of Gushers!
  • Compliments, compliments, compliments! In private and in public. Make him blush if you can!
  • Ask him how you can lighten his load each day.
  • Sometimes after a long day Derek will throw himself, as is, on the bed to sneak a cat-nap. I like to quietly remove his belt and boots for extra comfort.
  • Learn his love language and speak it.
  • Be very specific about all the ways you admire and respect him.
  • Master his favorite recipes.
  • When he comes home from work, greet him with a kiss and his favorite ice cold drink!
  • If you notice he’s running low on some everyday products, beat him to the store to pick up more without him having to ask.
  • Learn what styles and colors he loves you in and incorporate more of it into your wardrobe.
  • Suggest his favorite activities for date night, especially the ones he knows you’re normally not too thrilled about, and be a pleasant and present participant. For me, this is anything football related.
  • Randomly place a kiss on his forehead and then continue about your business as if nothing happened.
  • Sing at the top of your lungs in car rides. I guarantee this will at least bring a smile if not a full-on laugh.
  • Invite him to dance in the middle of the kitchen dance floor.
  • Be mindful of not just your family and friend’s birthdays, but also his.
  • Gently graze his arms and back with your fingernails just before he falls asleep. There’s nothing like falling asleep with a smile!
  • Organize those drawers of his so that the next time he goes to grab some socks or a shirt he can smile with surprise!
  • Be ready for bed when he prefers. Derek is very on top of bedtime, therefore, so am I.
  • Be ready on time! I much prefer Derek’s smile of approval when I’m ready to leave at the time he asked, than that look of frustration when I’m late once again.
  • Give him an appreciation shout out post! #MCM, #MCE, or make up your own!
  • Speak life into him! See his potential and talk about it as if it already exists!
  • If you’re looking for more than just a smile, spring for some new lingerie!
  • If something catches your eye at the mall, and as long as it’s budget friendly, surprise him with a “Just Because” gift. A card works just as well!
  • Breakfast in bed will make anyone smile.
  • So will a back and foot massage.
  • End your day with some pillow talk – recapping what you loved most about him that day and what you’ll love most about him the next day. Again, speaking life into to him and watching it come alive!
  • Learn more about the sports teams he loves and the game itself so you can impress him with your knowledge!
  • Every now and then, play his favorite music in the car when you get to be DJ.
  • Draw him a bath before bed, and perhaps join him in it!
  • Pull out the camera and take a picture. No, take lots of pictures!

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