Milk and Honey Magazine explains the difference between friends who elevate and friends who just associate. Are your friends helping you achieve your goals? God has a plan for your life, don't let friends bring you down! Your dreams and goals are yours for the taking with the help of Jesus!


Jasmine Leno

Who we associate ourselves with plays a major role in our productivity.

You may say you were born to be an entrepreneur, an author, or a game changer... but what about the people around you? Are you flocking with those who also want push towards their dream? Are those around you remaining in your life because of association, or do they push you towards levels of elevation?

There are women in our lives who we consider our friends, or even best friends. Some have been around for years, others for shorter periods, but all have made some sort of impact on us to gain that title.

While these 'friends' may be within our comfort zones, you have to step back and realize how they add to your life and goals.

Are your friends brutally honest with you about your production in life, and do they ask where your dreams stand? Does their tenacity intimidate you with several things they accomplish on a daily basis? Are you constantly thinking of ways to work harder to be the best version of yourself just to hang around them? If ALL of the answers to these questions were “NO,” then you need to evaluate who you hang around.

You determine the level of greatness you experience in your life, and much of that can be influenced by your environment. If you are lenient in your standards, you become lenient in your expectations.

You should be very dedicated to your craft, and should put in unlimited effort at all times to get to where you are going.

While 95% of the work relies on you, that 5% relies on the people who encourage you. 5% can affect the majority of your progression. How, you may ask? The people you associate with can plant seeds of negativity in your spirit, causing you to become sidetracked. Satan wants for you not to fulfill all that God has promised for your life and will use those closest to you to eat away at your dreams like cancer… if they are not the right people to be surrounded by.

Begin to take notes on your so-called friends. Do they nag all day about their problems without thinking of solutions? Do they speak life or death into their and/or YOUR situations? Are they always down in the dumps, or do they see the greatness in their potential to know there is so much more in the world to experience? Are they simply “stuck” in the “what-ifs” of yesterday instead of the “what will” be of tomorrow?  Lastly, does their ambition and their accomplishments intimidate, but also push you, to be the best version of yourself everyday?

These are the things we must visualize. No one wants to be surrounded by Debbie-downers or dream-snatchers. Take a long look at your circle based on association or elevation.

God did not place us here on Earth to harbor our talents and die with them.

We should share our gifts with the world, girlfriend! If you are not surrounded by like-minded people, you can easily become distracted. Live not for the possibilities, but the promises of God! He expects us to be positive, cheerful, and productive people. It will never be possible to “open ya mind, girl!” if you kick it with “close-minded” people!

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