Milk and Honey Magazine explains how to read the Bible so it speaks straight to your heart through the words of Jesus!

Becoming Proverbs 31

Paige Weslaski

Growing up, I always felt the need to have a boyfriend. Once I accepted Christ as my personal Savior three years ago, I took the plunge and decided to try my hand at living the single life with a single focus: Jesus.

It's been good for me. I've grown into the woman I've always wanted to become. I am capable and independent and think for myself. I have no one to worry about pleasing, meaning I can be authentic to myself, and more importantly, to Christ. However, occasionally, there are minor bumps in my path.

Today, Easter Sunday, I am struggling. I want to be with someone. But I need to wait. Wait on Christ. His timing. His plan. His intervention. Until then, I will continue to trailblaze through life with my eyes focused on Jesus and all He has done for me.

During these occasional days of worry and loneliness, drawing near to God is a tremendous help.

One (obvious) way to find immediate peace is through God's Word, aka Christian xanax. His promises are true and lovely.

A unique idea to allow the Bible to penetrate into our minds is to rewrite scripture in our own words. Finding a passage that resonates with our lives, rewriting the verses can burn the meaning straight into our hearts.

Today, I am feeling a bit lonely and am wishing I had my Mr. Right. But before that can happen, I need to become Mrs. Right and trust in God's timing. What better scripture for me to analyze today than Proverbs 31, focused on living as a wife of noble character?

Practice these excercises and watch God calm your anxious thoughts.

Proverbs 31: 10-31 in my own words.

A wife of Godly character is difficult to come by,
   she's a ruby in the rough! A hidden gem in the dust!

Her husband lives free of trust issues,
   and thoughts of her bring a smile to his face all day every day.
Her number one priority is taking fabulous care of her man,
    placing her husband and children first no matter what.

Always wearing their Sunday best,
    her children are dressed properly, straight out of a Calvin Klein lookbook.
She's well traveled and knowledgeable,
    full of wonder and surprises and stories about her adventures as a young, single gal.

She's up at the break of dawn to prepare a hearty breakfast courtesy of the Whole Foods produce department,
    organizing her family's schedule in her Kate Spade planner.
Her husband trusts her with big-time decisions,
    knowing full well that she can handle any trouble with no problems.
She's bubbly, outgoing, strong-willed, and President of the PTA,
    eager to roll up her sleeves & make the world a better place, both locally and globally.
Her actions are productive and Netflix goes untouched,
    and she's determined to make the most of her time and be a role model to younger women.
She designs her home with elegance and class - as lovely as Home & Gardens Magazine,
    each room more luxurious than the next, from the patterns to the curtains to the chef's kitchen.
Living as a servant of Christ,
    she lends the needy a helping hand without any expectations of repayment.
Ready for whatever life throws at her family,
    prepared for the worst, praying for the best.
Her feminine style is delicate and charming like Jackie Kennedy,
    polished and polite with everyone she meets, from the homeless to the governor.
Her husband is an honored man of God,
    leading the community through his actions and humble mindset.
Her home's garden is colorful and blooming, just like her heart,
    and she weekly picks a fresh bunch of white roses for the kitchen table.
Her words are kind, soft, and well-chosen,
    and she grins without worry of tomorrow, encouraging her friends along the way.
She's in complete control of her heart, faith, lifestyle, routine, and home,
    teaching her children through her wisdom she's gained through Christ.
Her inlaws had prayed for her years before her coming,
    and her husband feels like a million bucks:
“There are so many women with looks, style, glam, and glitz,
    but your love and affection has outdone them all!”

Sly words can mislead and attractiveness soon withers,
    but a woman who lives for Jesus shall be exalted.
Her rewards will be stacked tall in Heaven!
   Allow her qualities to publicly proclaim her goodness!