Milk and Honey Magazine - are you feeling uncertain about your life, maybe as graduation approaches? Darling girl - trust in Jesus to handle your struggles and worries! HE is certain!

Certain About Uncertainty

Camille Marie

As I attempt to embark on this journey of untangling the human feeling of uncertainty, I am cuddled up on this chilly November day with my Bible and cup of coffee with Hillsong Worship's "Seasons" playing in the background - can you picture it?

I invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle down with me as we unwrap this subject. This is a topic that I so dearly wanted to write about because it is something that I think so many of us are battling, including me. In fact, if someone asked for a raise of hands of who is struggling with uncertainty, I would be the person with two hands up (just being honest).

I'm going to venture and say that if you are reading this, you might be struggling with some uncertainty in your life of your own. Maybe you are dealing with uncertainty in your health, or you are questioning your career, or maybe you are unsure of the future of a relationship. I don't know what type of uncertainty you are wrestling with, but God does. He sees it, He acknowledges it, and He is not going to leave you where you are now.

I think uncertainty is so crippling to us because it goes against what so many of us naturally do - plan. I'm a girl who has three planners I am simultaneously always writing in because they are all for different spheres of my life. Not knowing what is next is a concept that before I was met with involuntarily, I had no familiarity with. That's the catch with uncertainty - you don't plan for it because you don't see it coming.

Accepting Seasons of Uncertainty ❥ 

Most of us like control. We like knowing what is going on and what we can expect to happen next. We want the control in our hands. It is not until we have experiences of uncertainty that we are hit with the reality that we are not in control, but God is. It is necessary for us to acknowledge and accept that we do not have the control. If we don't, we inevitably keep grasping at thin air, instead of resting in Jesus. Also, let me be sure to clarify this - accepting uncertainty does not mean accepting a life without meaning or direction. God 100% knows what your future holds.

Trusting in Seasons of Uncertainty ❥ 

Trusting would not be hard if we were trusting for things that didn't matter to us. My guess is that where you live, what you do for a career, your health, your family and friends, etc. all matter to you. I have always thought of this season as a season of release. Releasing your perceived ownership of whatever is causing you uncertainty. I say perceived because, again, God owns everything and we are just trusted with it on Earth. Releasing can be frightening, but also brings peace and rest. You were not designed to carry the weight of the burden of uncertainty. I pray you to release whatever you are hanging onto, to Jesus.

Embracing in Seasons of Uncertainty ❥ 

Lastly, it is important to approach seasons of uncertainty with the right perspective. No one is going to be able to be thankful for uncertainty all the time, it's just not human, and that's okay. The important part to remember is that while we are in these seasons, that we take them as an opportunity to remember God's promises. We are able to see so much of God's character during this time. We see that even when we are uncertain, he never leaves us. Isaiah 43:2 says "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you." You can have peace knowing that there is nothing God does not see.

Battling through uncertainty is difficult. The sheer feeling of not knowing what is coming or what path to choose can feel overwhelming. However, always remember that just because you don't know what's next doesn't mean that God doesn't know what's next.

Milk and Honey Magazine - are you feeling uncertain about your life, maybe as graduation approaches? Darling girl - trust in Jesus to handle your struggles and worries! HE is certain!

Camille Marie is the founder of His Laughing Daughter, a faith and lifestyle blog written for young women. Currently, she's a college senior studying elementary education and blogging on the side. She can usually be found writing lists, listening to Christmas music, and sipping a vanilla latte! Check out her insta!