Milk and Honey Magazine book review on The Chase by Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky. A God written love story!

"The Chase" Book Review

Jessica Layne

The Chase describes a true God-written love story. One that speaks of commitment, purity, and respect. Think this is only possible in fairytales? Think again!

The book describes the real-life love story of Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky. Written from the perspective of both Kelsey and Kyle, this book delves into the hot topic of dating and relationships. It is written in such a personal and relatable way, you feel as if you're sitting right across from both of them at Starbucks, chatting, laughing, and enjoying your favorite Frappuccino.

The duo both share the valuable lessons they learned as they dated throughout their young adult years, as well as many lessons they learned throughout the course of their relationship.

The most magical part of the book is in the foreward. Karen Kingsbury, bestselling author and mother of Kelsey, explained how on the last day of her honeymoon on the beach in Mexico, August 1st of 1988, her and her new husband prayed for their future children and their spouses. They didn't even have children yet, but they prayed for God's guiding hand over the lives of their future kids and the mates God had for them. Lonebehold, on that very day in 1988, Kyle was born.

Milk and Honey Magazine book review on The Chase by Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky. A God written love story!

The book is not just for the girls, either. Kyle speaks of his former struggles with peer pressure, popularity, and purity. He encourages singles not to compromise their standards, to put God first, and never to settle for less than God’s best.

This book has had a huge impact on the way I view dating and relationships. It reminded me that I don'tt have to be the initiator of the relationship. I need to wait for a man who is willing to step up and chase me, pursue me, and romance me. I was also reminded that I can trust God with 100% of my love story; His plans for me are far beyond my wildest dreams. The Chase is definitely the best I have read so far on the topic of Christian relationships.

Seriously, go pick it up! I promise you won’t be able to put it down.

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5/5 ★