Milk and Honey Magazine's take on unleashing your creative outlet for the glory of God! Enjoy life, sweet girl. You were made to SHINE! xo

Let Your Creativity Shine

Nicole Kennedy

Mondays… am I right?

It seems that as we get older, many of us fall into the never-ending trap of working hard all week, living for the weekend, and then dreading the moment we must return to work. Occasionally we find things to look forward to mid-week, like fitness classes and happy hours, but for the most part our days become monotonous: eat, work, sleep, repeat.

Remember when you were in Kindergarten and you couldn’t wait for Art class every day? Or high school, when the promise of fifth-period Choir or Creative Writing got you through the drudgery of Algebra? At what point did our creative outlets become lines on the “special interests” sections of our resumes instead of things we actively pursued?

Creativity brings forth innumerable benefits. It boosts self-esteem, breaks the drudgery of our usual routines, and provides a healthy emotional outlet. Creating also helps us connect with God at a deeper level. The Bible says “sing to the Lord a new song” (Psalm 96:1); he wants us to express ourselves to Him in an original way! For me, art is one of my favorite spiritual pathways. I’ve written Sabbath poetry, written Bible verses in watercolor calligraphy, and sat at the piano setting music to pieces of scripture on my heart. God delights in hearing us use our gifts for Him!

I hear you, girlfriend. You’re asking “how do these hobbies fit into my busy schedule?” It isn’t always easy. Carving out time to do anything outside of work, even a date night or hour at the spa, can seem like an impossible task. 

I’ll never forget the advice I heard once from an older friend of mine; a sorority sister who is now a third-year law student, just a few years ahead of me on a similar path. While discussing time management, she told me that she always makes time for the gym, even when she’s consumed with studies. “What I’m doing now sets a pattern for the rest of my life,” she told me. “If I make time to exercise now while I’m a student, I’ll be able to prioritize fitness while I’m working too.”

In the same way, you can set yourself up for a lifetime of creativity by exercising your creative muscles NOW! You don’t need to be talented or inspired to create meaningful art, and you don’t even have to share it with anybody. The simple act of creating is cathartic within itself. Allow yourself to have fun without the pressure to be perfect.

If you aren’t sure how to cultivate your creative side, start by reminiscing about things you loved as a child. Often the activities that resonate with our soul are enduring throughout our whole lives. Then find ways to dive into these passions, either by yourself or as a way to connect with others. My friends and I love to have “picnic and watercolor” days at the park where we paint to our hearts’ content and share great conversations along the way. 

When creativity becomes part of your everyday life, you’ll no longer dread Monday or any other day. You are uniquely created by God, and your ideas contribute something totally new to the world! Don’t hide your light in a bushel (Matthew 5:15). ➳ Unleash your inner child and create something special!