Milk and Honey Magazine interview with author Kennesha Buycks on her new Christian home remodeling book 'Restoration House.'

Making A House A Home

M&H Staff

We all want our homes to feel like a safe haven, am I right? Home is meant to be a place to belong; place to gather and connect. A place of beauty. A place to restore your soul.

Creating a restored home—the kind that you and your loved ones want to return to again and again—is as much about making everyone who enters feel cared for and comfortable as it is about creating a beautiful space.

In the new book Restoration House (available next month!), home decor and lifestyle guide Kennesha Buycks (pictured above with her hubby!) of Restoration House blog shows you how to embrace your home and your story as you create mindful spaces that give life to you, your loved ones, and all who enter.

With gorgeous photography and pages of practical tips for curating and decorating your home (even on a small budget) and welcoming others, Restoration House will help you make purposeful design decisions as you create renewing spaces for you to enjoy with family and friends. Whether you live in your dream house or you’re still dreaming about it, you can feel at home in the home you have. Who doesn't want to brighten their space?

Let's chat with Kennesha!

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with author Kennesha Buycks on her new Christian home remodeling book 'Restoration House.'


Home is a place where you are accepted and loved. A place, an incubator, of sorts where all of your hopes, dreams, visions, and gifts are nurtured in preparation for the world. 

You mention a home is more than good and pretty things.

Culturally, we are taught to fill our lives with things that we believe will make us happy. We buy all the things, but still end up feeling empty. I’ve learned as I look back over my own life and attempts at building a “happy” life that only one thing matters – home. The sanctuary of home will never be as shallow as the perfect sofa or the latest trends. Home is an ever-evolving space for us to experience our true selves, and welcome others. I’ve learned that the people will enter our home can enjoy the journey with us. 

Ways we can warm our homes?

There are so many practical ways to make our homes warm and cozy. My favorite options are: a basket full of cozy throws, seasonal candles, and décor that features neutrals tones. These colors will bring in a calm experience. 

How God has led your life journey?

Oh man, that’s a loaded question. I think if I could sum up how God has led me through my life’s journey in one word, I’d say “gently.” As I reflect on that attribute of my journey and my relationship with Him, I aspire to bring the same gentle and loving character into my own home. I hope that others who enter my home feel that as well. I don’t always get it right, but that’s the beauty of all of this. I don’t think we’re supposed to. 

How can craft goodness/beauty in the world?

Lean into Our Creator. Listen to what He says about us and unleash the gifts He has placed, uniquely, inside each of us. 

What would you tell yourself stepping into marriage?

Know that you are complete before you marry your spouse. No one person can complete you. Only God can do that. 

How can we break free from comparison?

I don’t think there’s a catch-all action plan for this. I think this requires a daily walk with God to remind us that our offerings and who we unique individuals. I believe it takes time with Him and intimacy to understand, and know just how much of a treasure each of us is not just to Him but to the world.