Milk and Honey Magazine explains the importance of finding Jesus Christ!

Playing Hide N' Seek

Kelsey Vaughn

I’ve always enjoyed games. I mean, who doesn’t?! Monopoly. Settlers of Catan. Chutes and ladders. Code Names. Charades. Spicy Uno. The options are endless! Growing up, my personal favorite game was Hide n’ Seek, with an added element… in the dark.

I remember hiding in plain sight, stifling small giggles, as my friends passed me by, undetected, in the dark. Eyes adjusted to the darkness, I watched as they stumbled aimlessly into the foosball table, tripped over the treadmill, and/or stepped on strategically placed floral-printed pillows. In addition to the entertainment it provided, I enjoyed being pursued and found. However, rather than remaining in my initial hiding spot, I would quietly crawl under a nearby table or silently slink into an opened storage-closet, making it more difficult to be found. Many times, I was forced to reveal myself, for my tired, bored, and slightly frustrated playmates would yell “I give up!” Very anti-climactic, if ya ask me. Ya see? I would be found only if I wanted to be. When that time came, I would drop a mixture of both clear and unclear hints. By coughin’ a fake cough or crackin’ my fingers I would, finally, be found.

Unfortunately, as I’ve grown older, there haven’t been many opportunities to play Hide n’ Seek. Nevertheless, if I’m being honest, I’ve still managed to hide from those around me. My social media accounts act as an effective hiding place. After all, nothin’ screams “I’m feelin’ less-than-attractive” like an overly-filtered selfie, snapped in front of a rustic lookin’ brick wall. What better way to say “I feel disconnected and far from God” than an anesthetically pleasing Instagram pic of a worn-out bible and a mason jar, filled to the brim with iced coffee? Social media: a virtual game of hide n’ seek. It has allowed me to paint a beautifully elaborate, yet embellished, portrait of myself. An image of a young woman who has her life together. A picture of a Christian who is free from shame, regret, fear, insecurity, uncertainty, and doubt. None of it is true. In reality, I’ve just been hiding in plain sight.

Why Hide?

This whole Christian life thing proves to be more difficult to execute than many of us anticipated. We are to live a “life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way” (Colossians 1:10). However, we quickly find that to be a lot easier said than done. Sin enslaves us, fear cripples us, and insecurity silences us. When these situations, inevitably, occur, we feel disconnected and, perhaps, even forgotten by God. In order to avoid disappointment and judgement, we hide from God and from those around us.

Fortunately, no matter how distant we may feel from God, He is ALWAYS near. He will go to the darkest of places in His pursuit of us. There is no corner too dark, dank, or dusty. No closet containing too many cobwebs or cockroaches. There will be no couch cushion left unturned. No cabinet door left unopened. We will never hear God yell “I GIVE UP!”, because He will never stop searching for us.

Milk and Honey Magazine explains the importance of finding Jesus Christ!

Pickin’ Up on the Hints

When someone is sick n’ tired of hidin’ in the dark, they may start droppin’ some hints in the hopes that someone may find them. Here are some common behaviors displayed by a person that wants to be found, but may not know how to verbalize their needs:

  • A chatty friend becomes quiet
  • A consistent church-goer hasn’t been seen in weeks
  • A socialite retreats more often into isolation
  • Although naps are both good and, at times, necessary, too many may be a red flag
  • Typically long-winded text messages that contain excessive amounts of exclamation points and smiley faces become short and punctuation-less (as silly as it may sound, it’s true)

Turn on the Light

Instead of enacting ineffective hints, choosing repentance, courageously displaying vulnerability, and seeking accountability are ways that are guaranteed to bring one from the darkness to the light. As a result, one may find that rather than being judged, they are justified through Christ.

  1. Repent: In order to “turn on the light,” one must first repent. Merp…for some reason I don’t like the word “repent.” “Moist?” Sure! “Repent?” No. In any case, repenting simply means that one must recognize the damaging effects their sin has had on both their relationship with God and their relationships with others. Once the problem has been recognized, a conscious effort must be made to overcome individual struggles. Fortunately, we don’t have to do this on our own! We have the power of the Holy Spirit within us. With him, we will overcome.
  2. Be Vulnerable: God not only gave us His spirit, but has also demonstrated His grace and mercy through the gift of family and friends. Although God uses our loved ones to encourage and support us in difficult circumstances, there isn’t much that can be done for someone who doesn’t want to be helped. Instead of hidin’ behind fake smiles and relying on ineffective hints to “communicate” your needs to those around you, simply be honest. What has you hiding?
  3. Ask for Accountability: Ask your loved ones to hold you accountable in your attempt to grow! Keep in mind that what may be helpful for one, may not be helpful for another. Therefore, communicate with each other, developing a unique and individualized plan to steer you towards righteousness and away from sin. If it’s difficult for you to get out of bed on Sunday mornings, ask your sisters to pick you up! Have your friends change your social media passwords when you’re tempted to compare yourself to the many airbrushed photographs broadcasted there. Go through a devotional with your roommates, learning from their different perspectives. Get creative!

Stop hiding under those old, wooden tables and in those creepy, cluttered closets! In other words, quit hiding behind your Facebook account, your relationship status, and/or your career! Instead, turn on the lights and walk confidently and freely forward.