Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Stephen Curtis Chapman daughter-in-law Jillian Edwards on her new single Meadow, her faith in Christ, and her Christian song writing process!

Q&A: Singer/Songwriter Jillian Edwards

M&H Staff

There are few things more beautiful than seeing a woman in the exact place God wants her to be. Singer/songwriter Jillian Edwards (daughter-in-law to Stephen Curtis Chapman) is one of those women.

Jillian Edwards’ voice is a time machine, transporting listeners to another time and place entirely. Whether she’s drifting through a daydream or reflecting on the intricacies of what it means to be human, Edwards changes the scene with a singular note. Her latest endeavor ushers in a fresh setting—one filled with lush grass, quiet streams and vibrant wild flowers. With music ready-made for rest, solitude and comfort, Edwards invites listeners into a state of abiding on her new EP, Meadow.

“I’ve always felt like God has given me a clear vision that music is what I’m made to do,” Jillian Edwards says. “I want to provide healing, and that for me comes in beauty. So that’s the heart of these songs. I really want them to be medicine for hurting people, and that’s everyone."

Jillian's music is ready-made for rest, solitude and comfort; all of which we could use in the world today. "If my biggest dream for Meadow comes true, it would be that someone who is walking through the worst day of their life could hear these songs and have peace take over their heart knowing that God is crazy about them, and He works all things together for good," she explains.

Let's meet Jillian Edwards!

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Stephen Curtis Chapman daughter-in-law Jillian Edwards on her new single Meadow, her faith in Christ, and her Christian song writing process!

Have you always enjoyed music?

Always! I grew up listening to my dad sit down and play the piano every day with my mom singing alongside him. My siblings and I were always singing around the house, school, church, the car everywhere!

What was the inspiration behind your new song ‘Meadow’?

‘Meadow’ is the name for that secret place of abundance that is the life of Christ within us. It’s a place of rest that remains green and flourishing in the midst of sorrow, chaos, and questions. ‘Meadow’ is about the childlike fearlessness that I feel when I am completely captivated by God’s presence. As his beloved, we have access to his presence at all times - no matter what darkness we face in the circumstances around us. 

What was it like touring with your father-in-law, Steven Curtis Chapman?

It’s a dream! I go back and forth between chill daughter-in-law mode where I’m like, “this is normal, so fun making music with my husband’s precious dad” and then all the sudden I flip over to “wait why am I on stage with Steven Curtis Chapman?! He is an icon! How’d I get here?! REMAIN CALM” ….but really, it’s hard to wrap my mind around it sometimes! He is so kind-hearted that when you speak to him you feel very believed in and supported, so he makes it as easy as possible to “remain calm”. One of the greatest gifts of touring with him though, is watching him lead the tour crew in vulnerability and prayerfulness. He sets the tone to play each show from a heart of service and he truly has that… a servant’s heart. I could not be a bigger fan. 

If you don’t mind, can you share your love story with your husband?

Of course! I moved to Nashville in 2011 a few days after I graduated college. Will is from here, and we had a handful of mutual friends who introduced us casually a few times. I thought he was handsome and kind, and I was giddy when he asked me on a date soon after we met. The more I knew him the more I loved him! It was a few months later when we went on a tour together through my home state of Texas where the sparks were flying and the timing was just right! After that tour we were inseparable and we couldn’t get married soon enough. He’s become more handsome and more kind every day. Getting a front row seat to his faith is the best thing for mine. 

Where do you see yourself going from here?

I see Will and I continuing to love each other and love our daughter and pursue our callings, taking direction from God each step of the way. I see myself writing and recording music and entrusting it to the Lord to accomplish his purposes with it. I try to delight in not knowing what’s next, and accepting what God brings me to in each season. I believe he has brought me into writing music to nourish the faith of his beloved children, me being one of them. I see myself not knowing all the answers but having joy in the moment to moment. 

How does your faith influence your musical craft?

Faith is what gets me to start writing a song, any type of song, in the first place. I have to believe God will take part in creating music with me, that he will fill it and put himself into it in some way. If I don’t believe he’ll do that, then I’m just writing a song that can’t transcend into the life of anyone else and make any sort of marking of love. He is gracious and faithful to show up. 

If you could have given yourself advice 10 years ago, what would it have been?

Let yourself become! Be patient. God’s path for you is unique and beautiful so trust him when your steps feel slow. You’re in a story much bigger than yourself. Keep planting the seeds you have and don’t worry about what kind of blossoms come or when they’ll come. Expect God to protect and guide you. Also keep your hair blonde. You’re not a brunette. 

How has becoming a mother changed your songwriting and lens on life?

Being a mother has refined my purpose for making music. In a way, I think it is what really pushed me into this new chapter of music. It takes such an immense amount of energy and life to mother, so the capacity for writing songs must be tended to carefully and resourcefully… I don’t have time or energy to write songs I don’t care about! Before I was a mother, I absolutely had purpose for my music, but it was much less defined. Now I have a distinct mission and a solidified vision for the songs I write. I have a clear “why” for my music and a clear path to move forward in. Becoming a mother meant I had to do some digging to learn what kind of songs are life-giving for me as an artist and writer to create, and become comfortable running in that direction on purpose. It sounds simple and obvious, but before I became a mother, I wasn’t ready to choose one distinct path and purpose for my songs. I’m so grateful now to have found the musical path I feel most made for, which is music that seeks specifically to nourish faith.