Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Erin Weidemann, the Christian founder of Bible Belles, the author of The Adventures of Rooney Cruz, Christian woman podcast host, and Christian women's speaker.

Ringleaders For Christ

As evidenced in our first interview with her, Erin Weideman is one of our favorite role models at M+H. In addition to being a beautiful woman of faith, she’s also the co-founder of Truth Becomes Her, the creator and author of the bestselling The Adventures of Rooney Cruz series for girls, a nationally-recognized speaker, radio personality, certified teacher and sought-after homeschool consultant, and host of the Heroes for Her Podcast.

Milk and Honey Magazine learns more about Christian artist Cherigale Buchanan. We learn about her Godly, God-ordained marriage and husband, her faith in Jesus, her love of the Bible, and her trust in God even amidst becoming a widow.

New Artist Spotlight: Cherigale Buchanan

Here at Milk & Honey Magazine, we love learning the inside scoop on new hit artists – especially when it highlights women who love the Lord as much as Cherigale Buchanan!

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Stephen Curtis Chapman daughter-in-law Jillian Edwards on her new single Meadow, her faith in Christ, and her Christian song writing process!

Q&A: Singer/Songwriter Jillian Edwards

There are few things more beautiful than seeing a woman in the exact place God wants her to be. Singer/songwriter Jillian Edwards (daughter-in-law to Stephen Curtis Chapman) is one of those women.

Feel unsure about your faith in God? Struggling with your faith in Jesus? Read our Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Robin Dance, writer of For All Who Wander: Why Knowing God Is Better than Knowing It All

Knowing God > Knowing It All

Faith is tidy and neat for some, never unwavering and always so sure. And maybe that’s how you used to feel, but now your once-sure beliefs are less certain, the prescribed faith of your youth no longer enough. Sound familiar? Ever heard yourself mirror the cry of the Bible, “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24)? Us too.

Feel like a sad excuse for a mom? Feel like a bad mom, like you're inadequate to raise your children? Milk and Honey Magazine learns how there's no better mom for the job but YOU!

No Better Mom For The Job

Calling all mamas: have you ever felt like you didn't measure up? Overwhelmed? Welcome to the club, and know that you are in luck, because we linked up with Becky Keife, the author of No Better Mom for the Job, to show us just how adequete (and perfect for the job) we are!

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Valerie Elliot, the daughter of Jim Elliot and Elisabeth Elliot, on new book Devotedly, detailing their love story through letters.

The Elliots: True Love

If you are unfamiliar with the story of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot - you have a treat awaiting you! 

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Jaime McLaughlin learning about beauty, makeup, and self-care for moms - all while keeping Christ first!

Is Self-Care Okay?

Self-care is a taboo word amongst Christian circles. While it's important - vital, even - to keep our perspectives outward-focused on serving the world in a Christ-like way, it's also important to feel comfortable in one's own skin. We believe feeling confident comes first from Christ, but also with how we take care of ourselves, through health, wellness, and care. Take Proverbs 31, for example: it shares how a Godly woman is clothed in strength and dignity.

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Christian singer Ellie Holcomb on her new children's book 'Who Sang The First Song", her love story orchestrated by Jesus, and her favorite Nashville spots!

Q&A: Ellie Holcomb

Ellie Holcomb is not just a pretty face or a famous radio star – more importantly, she's a strong follower in God's will, listening to His voice to where He points her. For Ellie, it seemed every time she'd create a plan, God would lead her somewhere else. And as His faithful daughter, she listened. Today, Ellie's songs are heard on K-Love, Sirius XM, and Air1, encouraging both the young and old to trust the sovoreignty of Jesus.

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews author Stasi Eldredge, writer of Defiant Joy and Captivating, on how to overcome depression, find joy in Jesus, and make the most of each day!

Living With Defiant Joy

Walking in joy often feels crazy and like a denial of actual life. Yet Christians are called to "be joyful always" (1 Thess. 5:16). What does this mean, and how is it even possible?

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews tiny house young married couple in their 20's traveling the world! They love Jesus, love their marriage, and especially - love their tiny home!

Tiny Living, Big Faith

Tawny & Luke, a young couple of early twenty-somethings who were "crazy enough to get married in college," are now navigating recent grad life – living fun-sized in a mini-home. Tawny earned her degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and Luke in Intercultural Studies, so you could say they have a *slight* passion for travel and experiencing other cultures.