Milk and Honey Magazine explains the signs you have found mr. wrong. There are too many great men to settle for a loser; find a man who loves Jesus and makes you the best version of yourself!

Signs He's Mr. Wrong

Katie Humphress

There are too many great guys out there to settle for a manipulative jerk... or even to settle for someone who isn’t a loser, but is just filling up a spot until you meet the right guy. That’s not fair to anyone, especially the nice guy who thinks you like him when you really don’t. Wondering if you need to head for the hills? If the following descriptions remind you of your relationship, it might not be a relationship worth having.

1. You secretly can’t stand him. Seriously, if he gets on your last nerve now, it will only get worse. Get out now while you still can.

2. He embarrasses you. I was so embarrassed by one guy I dated that after I introduced him to someone, I whispered “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry” behind his back to whatever poor soul had just met him. Do you really want to have to admit this one day like I am now?

3. You can’t stand yourself when you’re with him. He should bring out the best in you and vice versa. One girl I know has been with a royal jerk for so many years, and she’s kind of mean now too. When I see her walking my way, I duck behind a pole to avoid her death glare...

4. You fight like cats and dogs. If you fight when you’re dating, you’ll fight like cats and dogs when you’re married. Do you really want to be in a grudge match your whole life?

5. His character sucks. Be realistic. If he watches porn 24-7, is super lazy, and does drugs, it doesn’t matter if he’s popular in his fraternity. Bad character is bad character no matter how good of a catch a guy appears to the rest of the world. ("But he’s from a good family, but he’s popular, but he’s rich, but I’m so lucky he noticed me..." No! You’re better than that!)

6. He criticizes you constantly. From the way you breathe to the way you spell your name, he nit-picks every little thing about you.

7. He would be a horrible father. My husband just took my little girl to a daddy/daughter dance, and it made her so happy that I cried. More often than not, you get to choose the father of your kids. Make it a man who will take her to a daddy/daughter dance. You won’t regret it.

8. He’s a project. If you think: “well, if I change X, Y, and Z, he’ll be alright,” you need to bolt, for your sake and his! You are no magician. You can’t magically change anyone no matter how persuasive you are.

9. Everyone you know hates him. Your friends and family might be seeing something obvious that some insecurity or blindness on your part is preventing you from seeing clearly.

10. Your values don’t line up. Oh boy, this is a biggie. You might be able to bite your tongue about your beliefs while you date, but you will eventually have to make decisions based on what you believe is right.

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