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Taking 'WWJD' Literally

Paige Weslaski

Many of the most exclusive, high-end, celebrity-clad resorts in the world all have something in common. They are located off the beaten path. And their advertising strategy? Not to.

With our present-day Babylon where people have "become like gods" to achieve total connection to anywhere, anytime (thanks to the computer/phone you're on right now), it's rather peculiar how those connected most (via fame, recognizability) are the ones with the deepest desire to get swept away into solitude.

The famous Jesus had countless nights not in the comfort of a bed, but in nature - spending time with God. It served as His prayer time; a time to unwind, unplug, and unwrap Himself of any lies He heard or felt that day.

Jesus was on to something. It's obvious that quiet time leads to a simpler, clearer mind and sharper focus. Those who duplicate Christ and spend significant time alone with God are those with deep convictions of their 'why.' They know what they know and why they know it. They slip off any contrary thinking like a garment, using their "time out of the world" to cut away any fluff that clouds their daily routine.

Unfortunately, a staggering amount of people are blind. Not eye-sight blind, but mentally blind. They spend all day every day allowing others to dictate their 'why,' and soon enough, their real, deep-seeded sense of self is vanished.

Many people, when under a magnifying glass, don't actually know why they believe their values. They don't know why they have an "innate" (or so they think) need to check social media every day, for example. They don't know why they want a lot of money or success or IG followers. And sometimes, they don't know because not only have they not taken the time to figure it out, but they genuinely are frightened to know.

Two years ago, I spent four months in Antigua, Guatemala working with a ministry that serves underprivileged/homeless children. I had no internet (aside from maybe 3 hours total), a five minute call a week to my parents, 3 beef jerkey/chia seed/Powerbar packed boxes via the iffy mail service from mom, and - when times got tough - nothing but a Bible, a journal, and my handful of friends I'd made.

I was forced, almost against my first-world will, to look myself deep in the face, heart, and mind. Who, really, was I? Who was I to become? Who did I admire? What was worth my precious time in this 100> year life? This "God" of the Bible, was He actually there? Like really, really, really there? Meaning He can hear me right now?

Life was difficult in the beginning, letting go of the luxuries a third-world country (working as a missionary with limited funds, no less) could not offer. But then, in the blink of an eye, life became easy, simple, and obvious. My questions quickly became answered.

I was Paige, which literally means a "servant" of God. I would strive to become a wise woman of faith with a generous, beautiful heart (far exceeding any beauty via my exterior). But I would be outwardly beautiful too, always, whether 25, 55, or 95. I would know I was beautiful because I would (hope to) see Jesus in my actions, eyes, and thoughts - making me more beautiful than I could ever be on my own. I would admire women and men who had successfully walked with Jesus, such as Corrie ten Boom, Jim Elliot, and George Mueller. My precious 100> year life was to be characterized by joy, laughter, charity, helpfulness, and the hope of becoming the "good and faithful servant" Jesus calls us to be.

But, what does a girl do once two-years deep back into in the comfortable, first-world living of the United States? Fall back into old patterns of social media, keeping up with the game of worth, and selfishness? For me to deny would be a lie. It's clear: living a fast-paced lifestyle with every comfort at your fingertips leads to less dependence on God. I'll be the first to admit it, because it caused a downward slope of alone time with both God and with myself.

I do my best, however. I do my best to continue as a servant of God, with or without my much-needed time with Him each day. It's sad to think that even my Bible app, the easiest of all resources to read His word, goes consecutive days without being opened.

I yearn for that simple living again. The life where I knew every "why." And clearly, the obvious way to revert back is to recreate those patterns: quiet time with Jesus, away from the social media and fast-paced living, to focus on who I am, what I believe, and where I'm going.

Let's make a pact, Milk & Honey family, to do everything in our power to be the women Jesus calls us to be. Imagine, for a second, that Jesus had not come down from Heaven as a man, but as a woman. How would He have behaved? Chances are, He would not have gotten too caught up in the latest fashions, social media trends, or gossip.

Let's follow suit, pretty girls. Let's become the gentle, humble, caring women Jesus would have been. Let's take the acronym WWJD seriously - imagining He's in our exact shoes. Let's not be afraid to "get lost" for a night with God - it's a sure-fire way to that peace we so desperately crave.

Fly away with Jesus - He'll make everything quite clear. (no expensive resort fee required)