Kedra Pittman shared with milk and Honey Magazine her Christian women's poem I'm Built For This about the love, mercy, grace, and faithfulness of Jesus Christ!

Through Jesus, I'm Built For This

Paige Weslaski

Sometimes we meet other young women, and after hearing their story and witnessing their zealousness first-hand, we can't help but say an internal (and external) "YES – YOU GO GIRL!" We live in a society that competes and compares, especially amongst the female world, but when I heard Kedra Pittman (pictured below) speak at a local women's conference about her fire for Jesus, the ways He pulled her out of the world's lies, and how she planned to continue serving Him faithfully, I knew, deep in my heart, this was a woman I wanted to continue to lift up; to applaud; to glean from.

From the pulpit of the conference, Kedra shared a poem she'd written, detailing her love, devotion, and thankfulness for her savior, Jesus Christ. By the end, eyes in the audience were no longer dry and all hands were high in the air.

Enjoy our dear sister Kedra Pittman's poem, I'm Built For Thiswhich I urge you to read aloud, even just to yourself. Because, honey, you may not realize it, but Jesus's grace is enough. You are enough – always and into eternity. Like Kedra explains, you're built for this.

"I'm Built For This" by Kedra Pittman

I was built for this
I was bought for this
I’ve cried for this 
I worship for this – actively 
This isn’t silent or nonchalant praise 
This is a give my all, my heart, my soul praise
This is gratitude
Awe and joy
Never imagined that I would be here
Have a seat here, in your presence 
Because brokenness seems so pleasurable 
But you—
You are immeasurable
No hypothetics when I’m discussing what you’ve done 
You said you would leave the 99 to chase down the 1
You are the one for me 
You are all I need 
You’re all I see
That is why I come before you and bow at your feet
Jehovah, I love what you’ve done
Thank you for sending your only son – He’s Jesus
The precious one 
The only one who could save me
From others and myself when all I wanted to do was flee
But instead, I put a mask on
My identity—mask
My smile—mask 
My laugh—mask 
Sunday “worshipping” – mask 
I didn’t know who you were
I thought I did 
But now I have been awakened 
Mask on the floor, shattered 
No longer hiding behind things that don’t matter
Or chasing things that leave me battered 
I’m running after you and I can’t get enough 
We switched places, and now I’m running up to your throne
Making my face known before you
Now I – sing, jump, scream, shout, cry, clap, bow, lay flat out in your presence
Your glory reigning over me 
Because I have perceived what and who you could be 
I thank you for living inside of me
I’m built for this
And yes, I slipped—
I actually stumbled off the path and made my bed there and got comfortable 
Now that’s in the past
All roads lead back to you 
You re-built me and made me new
That’s only something you could do
And you’re still doing it
So, I could say that I’m built for this, but actually—
I’m graced for this.


Kedra Pittman shared her Christian women's poem I'm Built For This about the love, mercy, grace, and faithfulness of Jesus Christ!

Kedra Pittman was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin, and is an active, very involved member of Zoe Outreach Ministries, located in Racine. She is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee majoring in Political Science with a minor in Sociology. Kedra volunteers at the University Legal Clinic on campus working as paralegal and is also a Resident Assistant at the University among many other involvements.