Milk and Honey Magazine review on Tim Tebow's book "Shaken," about faith, hope, and love.

Tim Tebow's 'Shaken'

M&H Staff

Tim Tebow, the 29-year old college football star turned NFL QB turned MLB player, has seen it all. He's seen praise and ridicule; curses and fireworks; high-fives and crude judgement. Tim has been under a microscope since he was recognized by ESPN, complete with a televised documentary, as one of the best high school QB's to ever play. Since, it's been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, his fame and recognizability growing as quickly as a wildfire.

Tim has a unique pedestal. With over three million Twitter followers, it's clear he has a platform. The special part about Tim, however, is his unashamed faith in Jesus Christ. Tim is a rare role model in the media and a true, stand-up man of God.

M&H caught a glimpse of Tim's devotion to the Lord this past July at the 'Together 2016' conference held in Washington DC. We had media passes, giving us backstage access. As we were watching pastor Louie Giglio on stage, we noticed Tim standing behind the stage, preparing to go on. He wasn't scheduled to speak, so we were surprised to see he was present.

Finishing up his set, Giglio asked everyone in the audience to kneel for a prayer. As we glanced at Tim, we noticed he, too, knelt down. No one could see him as he was in a hidden spot backstage. He didn't need to kneel. But he did. He knelt down, bowed his head, and prayed along with the crowd.

It was a truly beautiful sight to see, and we were thence excited to hear, weeks later, that Tim had been writing a book titled 'Shaken.' We were sent an advanced copy from the publisher and did our (very) best to secure an interview - of which we were told that unless we were Good Morning America the answer was likely a no based on how busy Tim's schedule was (makes sense) - but we thoroughly enjoyed the book. It's a new M&H favorite!

The book starts with an illustration of Tim's detatchment from the New England Patriots. Describing the moment of being cut as a "sucker punch," he explained how he felt confused. Tim more-or-less wrestled with God on where his life direction was going, wondering why God would allow that to happen.

"I shifted my thoughts toward God, the One I believed had led me to New England. I thought this was going somewhere special," he recalled telling God. "I thought this was a plan You designed for me. If that was true, then why, God, why is this thing crashing and burning?"

But being the man of faith Tim is, he didn't hold that mindset for long.

"I knew God hadn't left me. I knew He still had a plan for my life," he said. "I knew He still had a purpose."

Tim goes on to explain the importance of individuality; how the things that make us 'different' or 'strange' to the world are the very things we can use for God's glory. He describes the lives of various 'W15H' children within his nonprofit - explaining how although they are sick and have a right to sometimes feel hopeless, they often have more hope than anybody, using their sickness as a way to reach lives with the Gospel of Jesus.

Tim is not putting on an act. His faith is real. His love for his family is real. His love for hurting children is real. The words 'God' and 'Jesus' are practically on every page, and we warn readers not to buy the book unless they want to be extremely encouraged, thankful, and overwhelmed by the goodness of our Lord's love.

If Tim's purpose was to inspire readers to love God and love people, mission accomplished.

Buy Shaken today, lovely girl.

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