Milk and Honey Magazine explains how God can turn a boring life into a fun, exciting life! Just trust in Jesus!

A Vibrant Life

Paige Weslaski

Is life becoming bland? Are you sick of mercilessly going through the motions of a daily routine? Do you miss the vibrancy of childhood; running freely during kindergarden recess? Playing with blocks and building castles? Playing princess with your besties outside amongst the trees? Making “houses” out of leaves during autumn, and snow angels during the winter snow season?

Life as an adult can take the wind out of our sails. It’s just not as fun anymore. It’s not as care-free and lively. The coloring book reflecting our lives has gone from every color in the 50 piece Crayola box to... black and white.

What’s the deal? Why does life lose its luster as we age? Where does the fun disappear to? Why does Monday through Friday have to be so mundane? Where did our inner explorer run off to? Why can’t we find joy that once came so naturally?

The answer is portrayed clear as crystal in the life of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago. As a man living in His early thirties, you’d think He would have lost His vibrancy for life like most His age. Why wasn’t He quietly settled down in Nazareth with a house and a 401k? Why did He decide to ditch His stable 9-5 as a carpenter to travel? Didn’t He know that was the status quo and likely expected of Him?

Exactly. Jesus did not follow the status quo. He was the antithesis of His time in practically every way. He didn’t just go to church - He was the church. He didn’t have a steady 8-hour work day, He had a 24-hour work day. He didn’t stay put, He traveled all over the country!

Jesus laughed, He cried, He loved, He taught, He rebuked. He did it all - except remain predictable.

Which brings us full circle into our original question - Is life becoming bland?

Jesus’s 33 years were anything but bland for one main reason: He knew He was never alone. He had God walking before Him, preparing His daily adventures.

Maybe, just maybe, your life is becoming stale because you have No One planning it for you. Have you asked the Creator of the world to give you a hand? Have you asked Him to bring some pinks and blues and yellows and orange crayons into your metaphorical life coloring book?

Life isn’t always about being happy 100% of the time - it’s about making our time count. It’s about being passionate (and compassionate). It’s about going all out to make a difference for the better. It’s about going against the grain of the world and standing out. It’s about shaking off the notion that our lives are destined to be boring  - because that’s anything but the truth.

The key to a life of neon vibrancy is asking for God to morph your life from living as a rocking horse to a wild stallion.

Pray big, specific, impossible prayers.

Your life will not be boring if you ask God for an adventure. Your 5-year-old kid-in-a-candy-store self will not be lost for long.

Life is too short to get monotonous, darling. Now, who wants to do some coloring?