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5 Ways To Rock It As a Mom

Kristin Lemus

It's no surprise to know motherhood isn't a walk in the park. As a new mother, you'll experience struggles, breakdowns (likely both you and your child), and moments where you feel utterly helpless, it usually 'comes with the gig.' But the key to a strong platform as a mother, in essence, is learning to let go of insecurity and walk boldly in humility.

Kristin Lemus, a mother of seven (1 in heaven) and manager of The Beautiful Deep, has been a mother for over twenty years, so we think she's preeetty qualified to share her tips. Put it this way, this gal is rocking the whole mom thing, and using these tricks, YOU can too, dear mother. So, without further adeui, here are 5 ways to rock it as a mom:


1. Understand That It Is A Season

It’s all a season! I cannot stress this enough. The toughest times come and go, and they are just seasons of life that change and end. I am currently in a season that has me in the car driving different kids to and from rehearsals and practices for 2 hours straight multiple nights a week. I hate it. I would rather be doing just about anything else than sitting in a car for 2 hours, but I’m totally rocking it because I’ve decided to have a good attitude because… it’s just a season. These rehearsals and practices are only for a few months out of the year, and I can do this. You can too!

It’s the same with nursing, potty training, and temper tantrums. They are all seasons. They all end – I promise. Tween hormonal fluctuations come to an end. Sibling bickering stops. The sooner you understand that each parenting hardship is a season, the sooner you will approach each one with a confidence that knows you can do anything for a season.

You’ve so got this season! You can rock it, girl!

2. Stop The Overwhelmed Cycle

Life can throw you a ton of stuff as a mom, and it is SO easy to get in a cycle of feeling overwhelmed. Hop off the cycle before it gets the best of you. Don’t give in to feeling overwhelmed – it’s just a feeling, I promise. As soon as you stop telling yourself you are overwhelmed, you can begin to tell yourself that you’ve got this and you will start to rock your schedule and your desires.

Of course, you also need tons of grace for yourself. Sometimes feeling overwhelmed is purely your own self-imposed idea that you should have it all together. Rocking it does not mean having it all together and being perfect. No, it means being confident in your ability to be a good mom. And you have that amazing ability!

3. Don’t Be Afraid

It’s easy to be afraid thinking you are royally messing up your kids, but that fear will actually cause you to do some messing up. Let the fear go.

They love you more than you think, listen to you more than you know, and have way more grace for you than you have for yourself. Don’t let fear hold you back. Decide to be bold and trust God, with them and with you.

4. Be Confident In Who You Are

You are the right mom for the kids you have in your charge. You can handle them. You are good at it. You can do this.

When you live life with insecurity ,everything you do is filtered through that insecurity. Ugh! Let’s not do that. Ask yourself this ever important question – do I like myself? If the answer is not a quick and enthusiastic “yes!,” then spend some time finding out why and learn to accept yourself, faults and all, and begin to like yourself. You are pretty stinking amazing and you should think so too!

5. Trust That They Are Going To Get It

You can tell a kid 100 times to do something, and it can seem as if they will never get it. But, trust me, they will. You are sowing good seed into the ground of their hearts and they will totally get it one day. Don’t give up. Don’t let hard days be what you gauge your success as a mom by. You will have plenty of hard days, but trust that they will get it eventually. If you let your sense of success be determined by your diligence and not their actions, you will be rocking it the whole time. You be awesome whether they are or not and pretty soon they’ll be rocking it too.

Milk and Honey Magazine gives secrets and ways to raise your children well! Trust in God, moms!

Kristin Lemus is passionate about helping women find freedom and pursue their dreams. She is a wife to her best friend and mom to 6 kids. Kristin serves as a cheerleader to Christian women writers, speakers, podcasters and social media mavens through her work with The Declare Conference and is passionate about teaching moms how to not grow weary at