Milk and Honey Magazine explains why creativity  is crucial for young women to discover their passions, unwind, and enjoy life! Painting, singing, dancing, writing... find your creative outlet, dear princess!

Creativity ➳ Therapeutic

Gretchen Marie

Creative outlets are king. They help build relationships, learn more about who we are, and connects us to others in intricate ways we can only attribute to God’s design.

Creativity is therapy. Just ask London based Psychotherapist and Bereavement Counsellor Joshua Miles:

In therapy, clients share, explore and think about their thoughts, feelings and ideas. This process of self-exploration can often yield surprising results, or uncover to us some feelings or thoughts we once thought we had forgotten, or in fact thoughts or feelings we did not know we had. Like the creative process in arts, music or writing, we open new parts of ourselves and lay ourselves bare. Similarly, the process of creativity, whether it is writing a short story or composing a song, will have a similar process.You begin with an idea and explore, develop and continue exploring that idea until you flesh out something more meaningful.

Find a creative outlet scared, too; it's the best way to leap into our God-given talents (just like Moses was hesitant to lead)! Your first attempt at something won’t be perfect, and that's normal! It can be something you share with others, but honestly - it’s something for you. Finding your creative outlet will unlock a part of you that’s vulnerable. It’s nerve-wracking, but when you find something that inspires your creativity then you have the unique opportunity to share that with others.

Finding a creative outlet may not require soul searching outside of your job. In my case, I also get the opportunity to be creative each day while at work. I’m a newscast producer! The best way to describe my job is I am the ultimate organizer. When you watch the news, I am the person who designed the type of camera shots you’re seeing. I choose where to have video or graphics, and I write a lot of the stories in the newscast.

Each day I come to work and see a blank slate. I open up a rundown that’s empty. From that moment forward, it’s my job to craft it into a newscast that tells a story to you and lets you know the most important things happening in your community. Each day is a challenge, but watching words on a page transform into a newscast at the end of the day is gratifying.

From work to the weekends, creativity can be a part of our every day lives. Just this weekend, I went to hang out with some girlfriends. We all grabbed jars, decoupage and cut phrases and words out of magazines gluing them onto the jars. It was fun, easy and although I didn’t create the next “Mona Lisa” in decoupage, it gave me a chance to do something creative.

So, how can you amp up your creative lifestyle? First, find something YOU enjoy. If you’ve always wanted to paint, but never tried it…go for it! There are really fun wine & painting classes that you can do with friends. Maybe put together a scrapbook. All you have to do is find some of your favorite pictures and buy some beautiful paper to start! You can even sign up for a beginner dance class if you’ve always dreamed of dancing pointe.

The hardest part of finding your creative outlet is taking the first step. Once you find something that makes you click you’ll see a change in yourself. Your creativity will let you find beauty in your own ideas and who you are. Most importantly, it will give you the opportunity to share a unique gift that God has given only to you.

Creativity is everywhere. How are you nourishing your creative avenues?