Milk and Honey Magazine interviews two bachelors on want they want in a wife!

Godly Bachelors

M&H Staff

Our staff at M&H often hear women ask: Where are all the nice, dateable guys hiding? Where are the Godly men, the men we want to lead us and our future homes?!

Just because we can't see the resources around us doesn't mean God can't step in and make something magical happen. Even when there's no door to open, God opens the door!

We asked two men in their mid-twenties to explain what they want in their future honey. Let them serve as the benchmark to which your standards should ride on. Don't settle for a man who doesn't love God just because you think they're nowhere to be found! They are out there and they are worth waiting for.

Attributes you desire in a future wife?

Bachelor #1: She has to be willing to study the Word of God with or without me. She has to be able to lead people and have the ability to correct me and put me back on track when I lose sight.

Bachelor #2: First and foremost, she must love the Lord as much as I do... or more. I desire that she has eccentric passion for God!

What should a Christian woman be praying for her future husband?

Bachelor #1: Pray for a man that can rightly divide the word of God, who walks what he preaches, and will not compromise what he believes.

Bachelor #2: I personally believe a woman of God should pray that her husband will love God more than he will love her. A man can't truly love her without loving Christ first!

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews two bachelors on want they want in a wife!

One thing you won't compromise on in finding a spouse?

Bachelor #1: I need a woman who loves Jesus, plain and simple. I'd also prefer a woman who doesn't go crazy with drinking; the reason being how I work in ministry, and I am not to give over to wine or strong drink (1 Tim 3:3). Now, heads up, not all men hold to this last one, it's just my preference!

Bachelor #2: One thing I won't comprise on is dating a 'church girl.' There is a difference between a 'church girl' and 'Godly woman!' A church girl is someone who just goes to church - and not all the time I may add. I don't want someone who is just going to church but not living for God outside of the church building. A Godly woman is someone who is all about the Lord... everyday of the week. She loves to pray, to study the word, and doesn't play church - but is the church.

What would you say to encourage single Christian women?

Bachelor #1: You want a man after God, who is on fire, and who wants the best for you both. Men like me look for women in the word, who can hold a biblical conversation, and who are strong in what they believe in from a Biblical stand point. We are not looking for women who will dress as skimpy or seductively as they can. If you are dating a man who encourages that stuff, lose him. You are more than what you show, and what men of faith really find attractive is a woman who has the fear of the Lord.

Bachelor #2: Fall in love with Jesus before falling for a man. Allow God to send the man your way; don't go looking for him - allow God to lead him to you. "A man who finds a wife finds a good thing and receives favor from the Lord." Not the other way around. Fall in love with Jesus and hide your heart in His heart!