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Inspiration Indulgence

M&H Staff

​Chelsea Hetzel - creator of the hit fashion blog Inspirational Indulgence, is just that - INSPIRATIONAL. The chic 24-year-old fashionista knows exactly who she is. This gal beams confidence! Perhaps the bio on her blog is the best way to describe her vigor for life:

Wanderluster. Fashionista. Free-spirit. Dreamer. Learner. Encourager. Inspiration Indulgence is a personal style, travel, and self-help blog where I strive to inspire you to live a positive and fulfilling life. Get out there. See the world. Dress well. Love yourself. Be happy.

Chelsea was also kind enough to share her relationship advice hereMay we introduce to you, the darling Chelsea Hetzel. ❤

milk and honey magazine blog fashion style tips with inspiration indulgence blogger!

Tell us about your fashion blog!

My name is Chelsea Hetzel and I am the founder and editor- in-chief of Inspiration Indulgence, a self-help and personal style blog where my mission is to help women live intentional lifestyles. Although fashion is one of my passions and what I believe to be the ultimate form of expression, my true passion is helping women lead confident, happy lifestyles. I first started the blog to journal my thoughts about body image, depression, and other psychology related matters (I'm currently working on my Master's in Counseling.) The fashion part quickly branched off of that as I wanted to showcase my outfits and encourage women that we can be confident in expressing ourselves, no matter what size or shape!

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook; that's where I post most of my looks! And of course,!

What got you interested in fashion?

I’ve always loved getting dolled up and expressing myself via clothing. I think fashion is empowering and a beautiful form of expression. Two years ago, I would have never had the courage to wear some of the styles now because I was so scared about what others would think. Thus my blog has really encouraged me step out of my comfort zone and practice what I preach. I see so many fashion bloggers rocking expensive designer wear, but I’m not all about that lifestyle. Most of the clothes I wear are fairly cheap or from thrift stores. I believe that fashion doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. 

milk and honey magazine blog fashion style tips with inspiration indulgence blogger!

Favorite brands or styles?

I love the bohemian, free- spirited looks. Anything with an open back, fringes, and hippie- styled is totally me. My favorite stores include Charlotte Russe, Free People, Tribe Kelley, and Earthbound Trading Company. But the thing about my style is that I am very versatile; one day you will catch me wearing an elegant summer maxi, the next day you will find me in all black, Guns n Roses tee with a beanie! I definitely don't stick to one style.

New trends you notice are up-and-coming?

I definitely think the boho trend is here to stay for awhile. I’m also noticing a lot of classic chic styles coming back; ladies in the corporate world are definitely in for a treat. Pleated high midi skirts, striped blouses, and all sorts of corporate chic wear.

Favorite Bible verse?

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25  ❤❤❤

milk and honey magazine blog fashion style tips with inspiration indulgence blogger!

Purse essentials?

My purse is usually big because I carry my entire life within it. Definitely my phone, some bold lipstick, a great book (I currently recommend On Becoming Fearless by Arianna Huffington), and a healthy snack, usually an apple.

Beauty products you're loving?

I always get asked this, but the truth is that I’m not huge into makeup or beauty products! I’m just obsessed with clothes! Haha. BUT! I will say that I do love the Naked palattes by Urban Decay. I was so scared to purchase this ($50! Are you nuts!!!) because I’m such a cheap drug store makeup kinda gal but I will admit the investment was totally worth it. 

Advice for women trying to find their personal style?

Wear whatever makes you feel confident and sexy. Fashion isn’t about wearing the latest styles to please others. Wear what empowers YOU and ultimately what makes YOU feel beautiful. 

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