Christian Smoothie Detox

The Christian Smoothie Fast

In the quest for holistic well-being, aligning the body and spirit is essential. If you're seeking a transformative experience that not only detoxes your body but also brings you closer to your spiritual self, and God, a 7-day all natural smoothies fast, as created by Stephanie Castillo of VitaJug Smoothies, may be the answer you're looking for. This journey is not just about cleansing physically; it's about creating a sacred space within to connect with your inner self and draw closer to a higher power.

Milk and Honey Magazine article written by Christian singer and songwriter Leanna Crawford based in Nashville, Tennessee, writing about the dangers of social media for young women through the lens of the Christian church.


But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7 

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Jaime McLaughlin learning about beauty, makeup, and self-care for moms - all while keeping Christ first!

Is Self-Care Okay?

Self-care is a taboo word amongst Christian circles. While it's important - vital, even - to keep our perspectives outward-focused on serving the world in a Christ-like way, it's also important to feel comfortable in one's own skin. We believe feeling confident comes first from Christ, but also with how we take care of ourselves, through health, wellness, and care. Take Proverbs 31, for example: it shares how a Godly woman is clothed in strength and dignity.

Milk and Honey Magazine, stop comparing yourself to that pretty, skinny girl on instagram. Instead, compare yourself to Jesus, darling!

I Want That.

Comparison – one of our worst enemies. So often, I hear myself saying, "I want that."

I've compared myself to others for as long as I can remember; whether it’s with what seems to be the "perfect Proverbs 31 woman," another wife who's amazing at taking care of her husband, or a blogger who can do more/write better than I think I ever could.

Milk and Honey Magazine - when being called fat while online dating, Morgan learned the importance of self-love for your body. You are not fat, you are beautiful.

Reclaiming The Word "Fat"

A few days ago I got bored so, as any twenty-something, single woman does, I opened one of the dating apps on my phone. As I looked over some of my matches I decided to send a message to Aaron*, a guy I had exchanged a few messages with previously, but actually hadn’t talked to in a few months. I sent him a light-hearted, witty message about the length of time it had been since we had communicated. He responded shortly after:

“That’s not funny but the fact that you’re fat is.” 

Milk and Honey Magazine's secret to discovering your worth and beauty: knowing Christ! Hemihypertrophy once weighed on Morgan's confidence, now she radiates confidence!

Girl, You're Beautiful

I have always been insecure about my body.

My insecurities are deeply rooted - they come almost directly from being born with a condition called hemihypertrophy.

Hemihypertrophy (now more commonly referred to as hemihyperplasia) is a very rare condition in which one side of the body is larger than the other to an extent greater than what would be considered normal.

Milk and Honey Magazine explains self confidence in Jesus is key!

Let God Define You, Girl

Am I strong? Beautiful? Am I good enough? Ever ask these questions? We live in a world that tears us down. A world that tells us we will never be skinny enough, smart enough, or good enough. If we let the world define us, we will always be let down. Instead, we have to be defined by the Cross.

Milk and Honey Magazine advice to overcome an eating disorder knowing Jesus Christ loves you just because you're His daughter!!!

Conquering an Eating Disorder

I was thirteen years old when I learned what a calorie was.

I was always a slender child, largely in part to the organic and vegetarian food my mom kept around the house, but around the time of my eighth grade graduation, puberty and junk food joined forces to add a few extra pounds. It was the age of walking to Starbucks with friends to get frappucinos; buying king-size chocolate bars from 7-11; and eating pizza at youth group gatherings. I’d always been thin, so I took for granted that my figure wouldn’t change with my eating habits. 

Milk and honey Magazine - You are not your body, sweetie. You are so much more! A lovely, grand, fabulous woman of God!

You Are So Much More

There is something the world is keeping hidden from you; a well-worn secret.

They dress it up and flash it in front of you and pretend like it won't spread virally when it catches the wind like a wildflower seed at the first hint of summer.

Milk and Honey Magazine was lucky enough to catch up with the gorgeous Nicole Weider, former Maxim and Victorias Secret model, on faith, fashion, fitness, and family. (the 4 gal essentials!)

Project Inspired

Former Victorias Secret and Maxim model Nicole Weider traded in her lifestyle in the modeling world for the VictORIOUS Secret of Jesus Christ. Having started her full-time modeling career at a mere 16, she was engulfed in the fashion world for years. Having met countless celebrities and mingled with Hollywood's A-list, she knew there was something off... something missing. As she was shooting a campaign one afternoon for Maxim, it hit her: this life of "glamour" was all merely smoke and mirrors.