Milk and Honey Magazine's secret to discovering your worth and beauty: knowing Christ! Hemihypertrophy once weighed on Morgan's confidence, now she radiates confidence!

Girl, You're Beautiful

I have always been insecure about my body. My insecurities are deeply rooted - they come almost directly from being born with hemihypertrophy.

Hemihypertrophy (now more commonly referred to as hemihyperplasia) is a very rare condition in which one side of the body is larger than the other to an extent greater than what would be considered normal.

Milk and Honey Magazine's favorite eye shadow palettes. We love makeup!

Eye Shadow Palettes

We are living in a day and age where the makeup companies have blessed us with abundances of beautiful eyeshadows and palettes. From smoky, to natural, I have listed a few of my current favs that you'll have to try! I never leave the house without makeup on my face and have tried just about everything out there. I've compiled a list of the best, enjoy!

Milk and Honey Magazine explains self confidence in Jesus is key!

Am I Strong? Beautiful?

Am I strong? Beautiful? Am I good enough? Ever ask these questions? We live in a world that tears us down. A world that tells us we will never be skinny enough, smart enough, or good enough. If we let the world define us, we will always be let down. Instead, we have to be defined by the Cross.

Milk and Honey Magazine advice to overcome an eating disorder knowing Jesus Christ loves you just because you're His daughter!!!

Conquering an Eating Disorder

A testimony by Nicole Kennedy, above.

Milk and honey Magazine - You are not your body, sweetie. You are so much more! A lovely, grand, fabulous woman of God!

You Are So Much More

There is something the world is keeping hidden from you; a well-worn secret. They dress it up and flash it in front of you and pretend like it won't spread virally when it catches the wind like a wildflower seed at the first hint of summer.

Milk and Honey Magazine was lucky enough to catch up with the gorgeous Nicole Weider, former Maxim and Victorias Secret model, on faith, fashion, fitness, and family. (the 4 gal essentials!)

Project Inspired

Former Victorias Secret and Maxim model Nicole Weider traded in her lifestyle in the modeling world for the VictORIOUS Secret of Jesus Christ. Having started her full-time modeling career at a mere 16, she was engulfed in the fashion world for years. Having met countless celebrities and mingled with Hollywood's A-list, she knew there was something off... something missing. As she was shooting a campaign one afternoon for Maxim, it hit her: this life of "glamour" was all merely smoke and mirrors.

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with TV Host beauty Molly Argue on faith, fitness, and fashion! What a role model!

TV Host Molly Argue

Most of us wouldn’t consider chatting with Tyra Banks, Christina Ricci, Chad Michael Murray, or Isabela Moner to be “work”, but for Molly Argue, it comes with the job description. As a TV host for Young Hollywood, Molly can have as many as three celebrity interviews a day — and she’s definitely not complaining. This bright, passionate, and curious gal loves what she does, and her enthusiasm for her work is just as evident offscreen as it is on. Chances are, you’ll never see her without a smile on her face and a question on her lips.

Milk and Honey Magazine blog post with Miss Wisconsin USA contestant and model Brittany Georgia about overcoming depression and finding confidence!

I Fell Apart

I remember when I first met Brittany Georgia - she was a bright, bubbly young woman with gorgeous blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, and that natural "Southern Charm" hospitality every girl wishes she could nail. Brittany was a few years younger than me, and I remember thinking, "Wow, if I had my life as together as her when I was 17, I'd be walking on water at this point!" For a young woman her age, her confidence is unmatched.

Milk and Honey Magazine article with Miss Wisconsin USA pageant winner Skylar on beauty advice, fashion tips, and confidence!

Miss Wisconsin USA

Having spent a significant amount of time with Skylar Witte, I give you my word she is no ordinary woman. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous (I mean, just look at her!), but she's very sweet and has quite the contagious laugh. She's uplifting, wears her smile like it's going out of style, and has a strong passion for pursuing her dreams.

Skylar is poised and chic - think Grace Kelly - but also has a modern day edge.

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with be-you-tiful blogger Tori on her fashion tips, latest trends, faith, and encouragement!

Be-YOU-tiful Founder

22-year-old Torunn Lee Stuen is the founder of the Beyoutiful Blog, an online fashion platform! Torunn, known among her friends as Tori or T, is drop dead gorgeous, but her appeal doesn't stop there. She is also extremely smart (a full-time student living in Atlanta studying Biomedical Engineering) and a Christian!

Milk and Honey Magazine was lucky enough to chat with the angelic Tori. Enjoy!