Milk and Honey Magazine interviews pageant winner on life, love, and faith.

Mrs. Wisconsin

M&H Staff

It's no question that Britani D'Alie is strikingly beautiful. When D'Alie walks (or glides, rather) into a room, eyes tend to linger a while on the tall, gorgeous blonde.

D'Alie was crowned Mrs. Wisconsin 2015, filling her agenda with appearances, parades, banquets, and events. She competed in Mrs. United States in Las Vegas and won the title of second-runner-up against all fifty women.

What some don't immediately know about D'Alie, however, is her character is even more beautiful than her appearance. She is an obvious role model for young women due to her impressive pageant career, and she does not take that lightly. She is loving, gentle, humble, and helpful, allowing God to use her in lovely ways.

D'Alie is a wife and mother - and she takes those roles seriously. The foundation of D'Alie's marriage is faith in God, and their children are being taught Biblical truth from a young age.

Meet Britani D'Alie!

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews pageant winner on life, love, and faith.

Describe your faith.

I consider it an honor to serve a God who is so amazing and powerful. My faith in Him is something that does not falter however it is something that I find myself constantly trying to strengthen while also deepening my understanding of how it is I am to be sharing Him through my words and deeds. 

Advice for new mothers?

Pray about and for your children. Be patient. Listen to His guidance and ask Him for help. Read stories about Jesus and talk often with your children about Him. Live your life with the love of the Lord in your own heart so that they can see firsthand what Jesus’ love looks like.

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews pageant winner on life, love, and faith.

How do you stay close to God through your marriage?

We both have learned that we must love God first so that we can then love each other. We pray for each other and look to the Lord to see how he wants us to serve each other as well as our family, church, and community. 

Most memorable experience serving as Mrs. Wisconsin?

It has truly been watching the Lord’s plan unfold specifically when it comes to my platform, Skylar’s S.T.A.R. (Surviving a Tragedy that’s Always Remembered). In 2012, and only eight weeks into her second pregnancy, my family’s world was turned upside down when we learned the baby I  was carrying had no heartbeat.  At twelve weeks pregnant, we miscarried our baby.  During this time, I cried out to the Lord and surrended my life over to Him. As weeks past, He led me to create Skylar's S.T.A.R. (Surviving a Tragedy that is always Remembered) in honor of their angel baby and has since been able to bring hope, inspiration and light to other mothers and families experiencing the loss of a child. Watching Him change people’s lives through Skylar’s story has been extremely touching and humbling.

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews pageant winner on life, love, and faith.

Advice for pageant contestants wanting to honor God?

Do all things in effort to bring honor to Him. It can be hard, especially when you are in the spotlight, to not get caught up in the fame. Let Him use you to inspire others and draw them closer to a relationship with Him. 

Advice for your 20-year-old self?

I wish that I would have had a deeper relationship with Christ in my early 20s. Instead, I was living in the world and doing things that were not pleasing to the Lord.  I hope that as my own daughter grows, I will be able to share with her how serving God and obeying His commands will bring her so much more happiness then the world will ever be able to.