Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with blogger Rachel on life and faith in Jesus!

Simple Silhouette Founder

Paige Weslaski

Meet Rachel Ruth Romanu, aka fashionista wonder-woman. She is the founder of Simple Silhouette, a lifestyle and fashion business that ties in spiritual truths. Ruth's mission is to help every woman realize how beautiful and unique she is inside and out. And I can tell you, as a follower of her platform, she's doing a fabulous job. 

Rachel was kind enough to share a story below about when God shows up at unexpected times. Enjoy!

Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with blogger Rachel on life and faith in Jesus!

It was the end of fall semester during my junior year at Pepperdine University. I remember pondering whether my efforts to lead a Godly life and be a good example ever impacted someone in a positive way. These curious questions became the topic of conversation among me and my roommates on a Saturday evening. We ended up talking for hours, challenging one another to reflect on whether or not our lifestyle is having a positive effect on others.

Obviously we lost track of time and therefore were in a rush to get ready for our Saturday night plans. However, I decided to stay home, revel in the quiet atmosphere and sort through my thoughts. The doubts I had about my life making a difference were on my mind that whole weekend, and it frustrated me that I did not reach any grand conclusions…but little did I know, come Monday, my questions would be answered.

As far as I was concerned, Monday, December 6, 2010, was going to be a regular day.

I woke up, got dressed, made my tea, grabbed my books, and started toward class. Everything about my day was normal until I got a phone call, late afternoon, requesting me to stop by the student center to pick up a floral arrangement in my name. Puzzled, yet filled with happiness, I waltz down to the student center trying to figure out who these flowers could be from and why I was receiving them.

When I arrived at the student center, a smile stretched across my face as I gazed at the beautiful flower arrangement that awaited me. Neatly arranged and well assorted, the flowers in the vase had an excellent presentation. The woman at the desk verified my name and handed over the lovely flowers. I happily made my way toward the door when I realized there was a handwritten note attached to the flower arrangement that read: 

“Rachel - You are wonderful! Thanks for being a blessing!” 

My heart melted. I felt so affirmed in that moment, and I wanted to thank the sender. But wait, there was no signature!

Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with blogger Rachel on life and faith in Jesus!

Retracing my steps, I returned to the desk and inquired whom the flowers were from. The kind woman smiled at me and said, “The sender requested to remain anonymous.” Hmmm, alright - I started toward the door again only to find myself back at the front desk.

“Excuse me,” I said, “Could you tell me if the flowers were from a boy or a girl?” Apparently the anonymous giver was adamant about remaining a secret because the woman hesitantly confessed it was from a girl. So I immediately scratched “secret admirer” off my detective pad.

Anyway, after confronting all the obvious suspects and receiving a unanimous, “No, it wasn’t me!” from my friends who’d think to send me flowers, I accepted the mystery and cherished the beauty of the situation—God provided me with an answer in a personal way through someone in my life.

To this day, I still do not know who sent me those flowers and that timely note, but I learned a lesson that'll last my lifetime.

I learned that it’s ok to wonder whether or not you’re making a difference; it’s ok to question whether your actions are impacting others; and it’s ok to be intentional about your good efforts in doing right. But just because you don’t always see the fruit of your efforts doesn’t mean you are not making a difference.