Milk and Honey Magazine compares young women to beautiful, blooming flowers.

Stop Competing

Paige Weslaski

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” - Zen Shin

Comparison is a dangerous path to tread on. Having spent the last few nights in beautiful Los Angeles, adventuring through the beaches of Malibu and eating my way through Venice's Abbot Kinney, I couldn't help but compare myself to the brilliant socialites I bumped shoulders with. I met a young lady with a tremendous artistic spirit, consequently wishing I was more artsy. I met another woman pursuing a career in ballet, and I found myself desiring the same path.

I immediately shook those thoughts away. I am unique. I am the one and only Paige Weslaski with my own gifts and talents and passions.

Our culture plays the comparison game far too often.

But we, as women of God, have no business comparing. Why? We are elegant, dazzling, exquisite flowers.

A flower does not compete. It does not doubt its existence. It does not wish for more pedals or a taller stem. It doesn't get worried if another flower grows faster or brighter. It simply blooms at its own pace.

Lovely girl, we are pleasing, tasteful, picturesque flowers who can and should rejoice over other blooming flowers. If God created us as roses, why compare ourselves to daisies?

Roses and daisies are both used to express love and joy. Both are useable and appealing.

We have been planted by the Great Gardener in our specific patch for a reason. We are not mistakes. Everything about our appearance and character is by special design.

Next time we scroll through our Facebook feed and feel a heat of jealousy over that girl who started a nonprofit/received an engagement ring/won a pageant, we can calm our hearts. We are all on a different path.

The most stunning flowers in the land are those which compliment other flowers. Therefore, let us praise other young women whom are also blooming in life. Together, we can create a magnificent bouquet.