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Wondering where your life is taking you? Darling, you are in luck! Finding Your Prince gives the real deets on trusting God to take the pen and write your life story! God is the world's #1 Matchmaker and Life Creator, plus He's free of charge! And believe it or not, He has your life agenda all typed up and ready to go. Handing you a pen to sign the dotted line, are you willing to trust Him?

Instead of worrying over how to find a dream man or achieve beauty or fit a certain mold, rest in the arms of Christ - He will handle each detail. Jesus alone can fulfill our every need and desire, beloved! Order Finding Your Prince today to discover just how loved you are by the same God who created the stars in the sky!

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"Inward elegance is what we, as women, should ultimately strive for. Inward elegance will never fade, even when our youth does. Be a woman of truth, someone who sticks to her word. Be a woman of confidence, standing by the quote "there's great power in knowing you have it." Be a God-fearing woman, knowing your ultimate path in life is destined and determined through your faith in Jesus Christ, the ultimate romancer. Be a woman of love, pouring your God-given gifts into those around you, knowing you were born with specific talents others may lack. Be a woman of grace, poise, elegance, charm, and dignity. Be a woman of true beauty, which is found in the heart, and ignore those who don't help you shine. There's nothing wrong with being the one who got away - think Cinderella - keep 'em wanting more. Ignore your stumbles, everyone has them, and keep your chin up high. Look up at the perfection of Christ in Heaven, not down at your feet." (pg. 59)

"I'd recommend this book to any woman, young or old! Paige is incredibly intelligent and she presents this information in such a creative and intriguing manner!" - Olivia Kaye Losoya, Founder of SincerelyLiv

"We all play different roles in life. Some are the main characters, supporting characters, villains and heroes. Paige is playing the role of a heroin in young women's lives through this book. One can argue that this is the most important role because Paige is helping these women find their worth in Christ, and without knowing their worth in Christ they are unable to fully step into the purpose for which they were created." - Brittany Kennada, Former Miss Arizona USA

"Paige's ability to communicate God's unmatchable love for us and his promise to give us the desires of our hearts is truly unique." - Michelle Pizzo, Television Marketing Specialist 

"Solid, thought provoking, healing, challenging. This book will help women grow into the person God created them to be." - Andrea Butler, Wife of NBA Star Caron Butler

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