Lauren Bushnell

Lauren Bushnell literally glows. As the winner of ABC's The Bachelor, Lauren is engaged to the fawned over Ben Higgins, currently starting a life with him in Denver, Colorado. And frankly, it's fair to suggest they have arguably become America's most iconic couple in a matter of months. With a new reality show on the near horizon revolved around their lives together post-Bachelor, things are just getting started for the dynamic duo.

milk and honey magazine luxury real estate los angeles interview

Luxury Real Estate

With its oceanfront estates and cliffside mansions, Los Angeles is home to some of the most desirable real estate in the world – and Cindee Hallinan gets to see (and sell) it all firsthand. As a successful Santa Monica real estate agent, Cindee understands California living inside out. And with her movie-star smile, ambitious spirit, and creative intuition, she is a shining light in the competitive real estate world.

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Peyton Thomas, the Christianm savvy, chic instagram fashion guru who is getting married to the love of her life in one week!

31 Boutique Founder

Meet Peyton Thomas, the drop-dead gorgeous founder of the online fashion brand ThirtyOne Boutique, whom has 100k instagram followers watching her every move.

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Harbor and Home, the new Christian band you need to listen to!

Harbor & Home

If you're looking for the next underground, up-and-coming Mumford & Sons, you are in luck. Harbor & Home - a band of twenty-something Christian men with hipster swag and voices that swoon - is your newest go-to. The band, whose roots are in lively Minneapolis, sing relatable, sing-along-in-your-car tunes about travels, love, faith, and growing older.

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews blogger Jessie on marriage advice, fashion, and life!

Marriage is Funny

Jessie Artigue has not just one, not two, but THREE extremely successful web platforms. From Style + Pepper to Pepperologie to Marriage is Funny, this fashion-forward savvy city-girl eats, sleeps, and breathes success.

milk and honey magazine blog fashion style tips with inspiration indulgence blogger!

Inspiration Indulgence

​Chelsea Hetzel - creator of the hit fashion blog Inspirational Indulgence, is just that - INSPIRATIONAL. The chic 24-year-old fashionista knows exactly who she is. This gal beams confidence! Perhaps the bio on her blog is the best way to describe her vigor for life:

Milk and Honey interviews volleyball star Taylor on her role models, faith in Jesus, and her love story!

Playing for Christ

Disney's hit movie Brave follows the adventurous Merida - a young, courageous princess - as she carves her authentic path in life and follows her destiny.

Princess Merida reminds me a lot of my friend Taylor. She's beautiful, confident, and has hair peculiarly similar to her - which is no mistake.

Taylor was used as the model at the Disney studios to create Merida’s digitized hair. They wanted Taylor's long, luscious, flowing hair to be duplicated perfectly for their princess.

Miss Wisconsin USA on her faith and marriage and advice for young women

Pageants to Parenthood

Caitlin Morrall is a former Top-15 finalist at Miss USA and successful television broadcaster, but that barely scratches the surface on this beautiful blonde. She excels - greatly - as a wife and mother. Caitlin is far more than a pretty face; she is focused, direct, and ambitious. For years, she's radiated an effortless confidence some go their entire lives without unveiling. She is a natural role model for every young woman whom has the pleasure to meet her. Caitlin is the epitome of accomplishment, working hard with a pearly white smile.

Milk & Honey Magazine interviews author Lee​ana Tankersley on her new book, Brazen

Becoming Brazen

An Interview With Author Lee​ana Tankersley

Milk and Honey Magazine interviewed Miss Nashville and former Miss America's Outstanding Teen on life, fitness, and faith.

Miss Nashville

Jeanette Morelan's résumé is quite the spectacle. At a mere 14 years old, Jeanette won the monumental honor of Miss America's Outstanding Teen - a tremendous feat encompassing trips to the White House and speaking to thousands at a time. Since, Jeanette has been admired as a role model for countless women. The recent graduate of Belmont University is the current titleholder of Miss Nashville, gearing up for the coveted Miss Tennessee crown in one short month.