Milk and Honey Magazine - traveling can ease your broken heart after a breakup with your boyfriend! See the world and ease any pain! Take time for Jesus alone!

Traveling to Ease a Broken ❤

You've been there, I've been there. Heartbreak is never easy and anyone that has gone through it knows the guilty pleasure of sulking in their grief with their head in a bowl of ice cream. And even though a purge, in the beginning, is healthy and even recommended, God doesn't want you to stay there and dwell in your brokenness. 

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews blogger Amanda of Thirty-Four Seven on her travels, favorite recipes, and passion for DIY projects!

Thirty-Four Seven

25-year-old Amanda Jacobson is basically the best friend you've always wanted. We're talkin' the real deal, here, gals. Not only is she a party planning extraordinaire with DIY skills comparable to Joanna Gaines, she's also highly adept in the latest fashion trends (many pieces of which were thrifted at crazy bargains) and she travels enough to have her own Travel Channel sitcom.

Milk and Honey Magazine's take on Easter at Coachella!

Easter @ Coachella

When I was a little girl, my family used to gather in Palm Springs every Easter. It was a fun-filled time of hunting for eggs with my cousins, enjoying brunch at the country club, and joyful reflection on Christ’s resurrection.

Milk and Honey Magazine explains the recipe for a fun, exciting, brilliant life!

If Not Now, When?

I can tell you the perfect recipe for a ruined life, for the complete destruction of the great light within you; the one sure way to put out your fire, to shrink your wild life, to dim your sparkle to one faint flicker: Settle.

The moment we allow ourselves to settle is the moment we start agreeing to live a mundane life.

Milk and Honey Magazine weekend New York City girlfriend getaway travel tips! Where to shop, eat, workout, and hotels to stay at!

NYC Weekend Guide

Weekend getaways with girlfriends are always a good idea. It's an opportune time to kick back, laugh too hard, splurge a bit, and forget about the day-to-day back home. As best friends of ten years, we decided to take a Thursday-Sunday weekend trip to New York City in late August to refresh our minds for the fall season. Enjoy our travel tips, and comment below with YOUR favorite New York hotspots, dolls!

Milk and Honey Magazine's travel tips on trusting in God's plan! Dancing in the chapel is A-Okay, honeybee! ;)

Zumba in the Chapel

As part of my healthy-ish lifestyle, I try to fit some excercise into each day. Running and hiking are my favorite activities, but when it’s too dark or hot or I’m far from good trails, I like to do the next-best thing: Zumba.

Milk and Honey Magazine's travel guide to Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Where to watch the sunrise, which hotel to stay at, where to grab a coffee, and where to get a workout in!

Ft. Lauderdale Travel

Having grown up in gorgeous Fort Lauderdale, I'm confident to say I know the Southern Florida area like the back of my hand. Currently working as a real estate agent and event planner, I'm always out and about, discovering new hidden gems around the gorgeous city. From my favorite secret coffee shop hideaway to the (not so secret) place to watch the sunset, I'm proud to present to you... Fort Lauderdale.

Milk and Honey Magazine's travel guide to Minneapolis: where to stay, what to eat, where to adventure, and how to enjoy the fabulous city! Traveling is a joy, girlfriend!

Minneapolis Travel Guide

Having spent 4+ years adventuring around Minneapolis during my time at the University of Minnesota, it's fair to say I know the city inside and out. From the hidden gem running trails to the perfect Saturday night hotspots to yummy brunch waffles, I have got you covered, girlfriend. Enjoy your time in the Land of Lakes!

Milk and Honey Magazine's perfect Malibu vacation! The best hotels, restaurants, green juices, and shopping in Malibu!

Vacation to Malibu

Malibu, California is the quintessential cozy beach town, and it doesn't hurt that it's dripping with Hollywood socialites. Having spent a few years in Malibu for college, I can wholeheartedly say it is my home and always will be. Here's M&H hacks on the best Malibu vacation known to man.

Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with travel enthusiast on faith in Christ and life.

Travelin' the Globe

Calling travel extraordinaire Safeena Padder a "go-getter" is quite the understatement. With 30 countries under her belt and countless more on the horizon, Safeena is highly adept at conquering all kinds of dazzling adventures. With an innate desire to reach deep into the world's pocket of hidden treasure, Safeena has naturally become a gifted photographer and story-teller. As a recent Pepperdine University graduate and current resident of Southern California, Safeena has built an impressive inventory of photos from her travels and (not-so) ordinary life.