MIlk and Honey Magazine explains how young women don't need to advertise themselves. Leave it to Jesus!

Don't Advertise Yourself!

Paige Weslaski

"Godly women could care less if a man overlooked them. They don't jump in every guys face to be noticed. You'll never see diamonds on commercials begging for sales. When you know your worth, you understand you don't have to chase behind anyone. She will stand out to the person who can handle that blessing." - Tovares Grey

I was recently told an interesting fact: Rolls Royce does not advertise.

And frankly, why should they? They're the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the top of the line. Advertising such a special, expensive car to the masses is not only unnecessary - but rather ridiculous.

Women can and should take on a similar mindset as the marketing team at Rolls Royce. A Godly woman who has given her entire heart and life to Jesus Christ is a special jewel. She stands apart among the women of our time. While most young women find it easy and natural to swim downstream, conforming to society, women of God are few and far between.

As a single woman doing my best to further the name of Jesus (as opposed to my own name), it can be tempting to try "advertising myself" in order to attract a "buyer" (aka man). It can be tempting to "put myself out on the market" in front of as many studs as I can so the right one will come for me.

Rolls Royce got it right. They do not advertise their products because they are the best. As women of God, we do not need to advertise our body by posting selfie after selfie. We do not need to ask every friend we know to set us up. We do not need to comment on every cute boys Facebook post with a winky face. We do not need to make any effort, literally at all, in order to find the right person.

When someone walks into a Rolls Royce dealership, they either have the cash to buy the luxury car or they do not.

Similarly, men either have the character to earn a Godly woman or they do not. We don't need to "put ourselves out there" for un-Godly men to even attempt going on a date with.

Rolls Royce is doing us a favor. They don't want those who can't afford the car to get upset over the unachievable. As God's beloved daughters, we can wait for the RIGHT buyer to come to our dealership without spending a single cent on advertising ourselves.

A true man of God will know exactly how precious and worthy we are because they'll recognize our seriousness about following Jesus Christ. A (very cute!) man I knew in college once told me there was "nothing more attractive to him than a woman of faith." THOSE are the men we will allow to take us on a test drive. (test drive = DATE)

We are God's daughters, meaning we are royalty. We are daughters of the King of the Universe, and our Father does not expect us to advertise. He will bring a PRINCE (one of His sons) to our side without us having to lift a finger.

Be encouraged, sister, because you are a Rolls Royce in a world of mediocrity.

Leave the advertising to the Man above, He's got deep pockets.