Milk and Honey Magazine creates the ultimate fall / autumn adventure list! Enjoy the fall season with these fun seasonal ideas, recipes, and adventures!

M&H Autumn Guide

Paige Weslaski

Leaves determined to recalibrate their color, local cafes baking apple pies at assembly-line speed, and Ugg-boot donning teenage girls drowning in pumpkin spice, Autumn is just about here! Say hello to brisk weather, cozy Hallmark movies, and 4 hours of NFL-induced stress! With the closing of Labor Day weekend, school will be in session, Jack O' Lanterns will pop up on doorsteps, and pumpkin bread will become a new breakfast staple.

While this season can come and go in as swift a motion as summertime, it's important to soak up Autumn for everything she's worth! With countless joys accompanying this delicious season, we've developed a list of 60 ways to bask in an Autumn to remember!

Milk and Honey Magazine creates the ultimate fall / autumn adventure list! Enjoy the fall season with these fun seasonal ideas, recipes, and adventures!

Autumn 2018

  • Go horseback riding at a nearby farm
  • Play backyard touch football
  • Make a batch of apple cider
  • Go hiking at a nature center
  • Go to an antique show
  • Visit an animal farm
  • Attend a library program
  • Eat corn on the cobb off the grill
  • Watch a Hallmark Harvest movie (we love Princess Cut)
  • Conquer a corn maze in record time
  • Obnoxiously jump in a leaf pile
  • Go on a bike ride around the neighborhood
  • Watch the sun go down on the porch
  • Go on a nature hike through the woods
  • Host a bonfire in your backyard
  • Donate old summer clothes
  • Make a yummy pumpkin dip for tailgating
  • Stuff a scarecrow for your front yard
  • Go thrifting for new finds
  • Make apple cupcakes, bring them to work
  • Have a fall photo shoot with the leaves changing
  • Update your fire alarms
  • Rake leaves for the elderly neighbors
  • Knit a chunky scarf for the winter
  • Create a leaf craft
  • Enjoy a morning walk in the fog
  • Roast pumpkin seeds
  • Go to an antique show
  • Go apple bobbing
  • Have a caramel popcorn movie day
  • Cheer on your favorite NFL/college football team
  • Run a Halloween 5k race in a costume
  • Visit an apple orchard
  • Pack a picnic with yummy fall favorites
  • Burn a few autumn candles
  • Create a 'thankful for' list
  • Watch Pioneer Woman on Food Network
  • Visit a harvest festival with that cute boy who keeps texting you
  • Make pumpkin bread for all the neighbors
  • Make a DIY wreath for your front door
  • Drive through the country blasting "Caught Up in the Country"
  • Make your dad's thick turkey chili recipe
  • Pick and carve a giant pumpkin with a funny face
  • Attend your high school football homecoming game
  • Enjoy a Pumpkin Spice latte (yes, we went there)
  • Go on a hayride with your nieces and nephews
  • Read a new fiction book (we recommend When Calls The Heart)
  • Visit a chocolate factory, buy everything
  • Go backyard camping
  • Play hopscotch with the neighbor kids
  • Bake a pumpkin pie from scratch
  • Volunteer at a food pantry
  • Make cinnamon sugar cookies
  • Put together a Thomas Kincade puzzle
  • Plan family game night
  • Make a healthy caramel apple smoothie
  • Join (or start!) a book club
  • Make ooey gooey cinnamon rolls
  • Create a few DIY fleece blankets for Christmas presents

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